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Commonly Asked Questions

How does this FTA card collect the DNA?

It works by breaking down cellular membranes and locking the DNA into the paper's fibrous matrix.

How long will these samples last?

Current studies by the US FBI and others show that DNA bound to these cards are stable for decades.

Are there any special storing conditions?

No, the cards can be stored at room-temperature in any dry place. (This is the backbone of this project; until now there hasn't been a quick way to safely store DNA samples without modern day lab tools.)

How will these DNA samples be used?

Samples will be used for conservation genomics studies around the world to develop new DNA fingerprinting technologies, determine inbreeding statistics, uncover genes that control behavior traits, locate genes that influence body and horn size genetics, and identify genes responsible for natural disease resistance in wildlife species.

How will this project help animals and hunters?

This project is one of the most comprehensive efforts to catalog the large biodiversity of wildlife species in the world. The development of resources and molecular biotechnologies that this project entails will provide for conscientious stewardship of African game species, creating healthy populations and sustainable trophy hunting.