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Jerad Dabney Biosketch

Jerad Dabney grew up in Beaumont, Texas, just east of Houston.  He spent much of his time outdoors, hunting and fishing in the Texas hill country.  He came to Texas A&M in 2002 would set him on a path that blended his passion for science with wildlife.

During his undergraduate work in Biomedical Sciences department of the Veterinary College, Jerad became a pupil of Dr. Don Davis, a wildlife disease aficionado.  In the years to come Dr. Davis would allow Jerad to work on multiple research projects that involved cervid species.

Upon entrance to the Veterinary Pathobiology Masters program, Jerad was awarded title of NSF Fellow by the National Science Foundation under Dr. Larry Johnson, which he held for 2 years.  In addition to his collegiate work, he worked weekly in the Brazos valley with middle school students to foster positive relationships with scientific education through interactive lessons and demonstrations.

After his first African safari experience in 2008, Jerad teamed up with Dr. Jim Derr to initiate the African Wildlife Conservation Project.  Since that time, their project has gained worldwide notoriety and support from conservationists, African professional hunters, sportsmen and multiple academic institutions.