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Preserving Genetic Information

Sample Collection

It only takes two minutes and four items for a PH or veterinarian to take a DNA sample and preserve an animal's genetic information forever.

Having experienced life on safaris, we developed a quick and easy method for collecting DNA samples for use in any country or even in the bush of southern Africa.

After harvest, PHs will insert the Q-tip into the wound of the animal, absorbing a small amount of blood that is painted on the FTA card. This blood air dries in a few minutes. The PH also pulls hairs from the tip of the tail using pliers, making sure that follicles are attached. These hairs are then placed into the coin envelope. The card/envelope is numbered with the species code, sex, estimated age, GPS location and date of the collection. This information will be linked to SCI with trophy record archives. The entire collection usually takes less than two minutes.

Sample Kit