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How To Write an ARR

Selecting the Right Published Peer Review Paper

The Paper Should:

  1. Be interesting to students.
  2. Reinforce one or more concepts in your course.
  3. Reflect competent research, yet have some weaknesses that students can uncover and explore.
  4. Strike a balance among such diverse demands as student expectations, diverse curricula, and standards of the academic discipline.

Writing Principles

  1. Re-state in your own words what you think the authors said.
  2. Do not introduce your own ideas, opinions, critique, or enhance the paper in any way other than improving clarity.
  3. Be simple and clear. Avoid technical jargon. Define technical terms.
  4. Strive for a reading level of 12th grade or less (MS Word can calculate the level).
  5. Provide needed explanations with in-context footnotes (Provide a background file where footnotes would not suffice).

Tips for Reducing Reading Level

  • Use short sentences, short paragraphs.
  • Reduce the use of $10 words and those with multiple syllables.
  • Avoid use of passive verbs.
  • Explain what you say.

Run a check in MS Word:

  1. File
  2. Options
  3. Proofing (select grammar with spelling check box)
  4. Select "Show readability statistics."
  5. Double click icon with red check mark on the bottom task bar
  6. Select Flesch-Kinkaird grade level