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University Studies - Area of Concentration

University Studies Biomedical Sciences application

Course Form

There needs to be a minimum of 6 hours at 400 level and 36 hours of 300-400 level coursework in residence at Texas A&M University.

  1. Select 21-24 hours from among the following courses for the area of concentration. If there will be more than 24 hours in the area of concentration, please include a justification. Two approved writing courses will be required for the University Studies degree. The courses may be in the area of concentration or the minors. Please indicate writing courses in the area of concentration, if any, with a W following the course number (TAMU 400 W). If courses required for the area of concentration include a course or courses from outside the department of the area of concentration, please include a letter of support from the department(s) offering the course(s). Courses listed as part of the University Core Curriculum do not need a letter of support.
    1. The following 22 hours of course work are required*
      Course Prefix & Number Course Title Credit Hours
      TBD To Be Determined 3
      TBD To Be Determined 4
      TBD To Be Determined 4
      TBD To Be Determined 5
      TBD To Be Determined 3
      TBD To Be Determined 3
    2. Select _____ hours from the following courses*:
      Course Prefix & Number Course Title Credit Hours
      Not Applicable

      * If the Area of Concentration requires students to select courses from a list of preselected combinations, please duplicate this table; e.g. two course from column A, two courses from column B

    3. Prerequisite courses not included in the University Core Curriculum or listed above:
      Course Prefix & Number Course Title Credit Hours
      CHEM 101 Fundamentals of Chemistry I 3
      CHEM 102 Fundamentals of Chemistry II 3
      CHEM 227 Organic Chemistry I 3
      CHEM 228 Organic Chemistry II 3
      BICH 410 Comprehensive Biochemistry I 3
  2. Student will select two minors (30-36 hours). One must be from outside the college offering the area of concentration. Biology minor is not allowed due to overlapping courses (Biology agrees)
  3. Free electives (17-26 hours). If there will be fewer than 17 hours of free electives, please include a justification in the preceding 2-3 page statement.
  4. Specify courses in the University Core Curriculum1, 2, 3 that will be required for this area of concentration (43 hours). Please maintain as much flexibility as possible.

    Requirement Course Prefix & Number Course Title Credit Hours

    ENGL 104

    Composition & Rhetoric
    Mathematics MATH 131 Mathematical Concepts - Calculus 3
    Natural Sciences BIOL 111
    BIOL 112
    Introductory Biology I
    Introductory Biology II
    Humanities Any 3
    Visual & Performing Arts Any 3
    Social & Behavioral Sciences VTPB 221 Great Diseases of the World 3
    History Any U.S. History course 6
    Political Science POLS 206
    POLS 207
    American National Government
    State & Local Government
    International & Cultural Diversity Any 6
    Kinesiology KINE 198
    KINE 199


  1. To be selected from the University Core Curriculum.
  2. There is a graduation requirement which includes 6 hours of international and cultural diversity courses. Refer to the International and Cultural Diversity table for a list of acceptable courses. A course satisfying a University Core category, a college/department requirement, or as a free elective may be used to satisfy this requirement.
  3. Completion in high school of two units of the same foreign language or one year of college work is required for graduation.