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Areas of Specialization
Scholarly Interests
Abbott, Louise, Professor Toxicology, NeuroscienceVIBS developmental toxicology with special focus on the effects of mercury on the developing nervous system.
Adams, Garry, Senior Professor Immunology, Cell Biology, Genomics, Infectious Disease, Pathology, Microbiology, Biodefense, Food Animal, Education, Anatomic PathologyVTPB I have long been intrigued with the biological interface between hosts and etiological agents, and the resulting patterns of morphological lesions, especially lesions caused by infectious disease agents..more...
Andrews-Polymenis, Helene, Professor - Joint Appointment Food Safety, Genomics, Genetics, Infectious Disease, Pathology, MicrobiologyVTPB
Arnold, Carolyn, Associate Professor of Veterinary Surgery Infectious Disease, Surgery, MicrobiologyVLCS My research interest is in the area of antibiotic-associated diarrhea in horses.
Arosh, Joe, Professor  VIBS central role of prostaglandins on molecular and cellular aspects of reproductive processes, gynecologic diseases and endocrine cancers.
Atkinson, Lauren, Lecturer  VSCS
August, John, Dean of Faculties Medicine, EducationVSCS Feline internal medicine; distance education; educational technology
Baetge, Courtney, Clinical Assistant Professor AnesthesiaVSCS Anesthesia and Pain management specifically as it relates to small animal geriatrics, monitoring, repeat anesthesia and the radiation patient.
Bailey, Murl, Professor ToxicologyVTPP Toxicology; veterinary toxicology; toxic plants; wildlife, and environmental toxicology; anesthesiology; pharmacology; experimental surgery; clinical medicine; emergency medicine, bioterrorism, weapons.more...
Banu, Sakhila , Associate Professor Toxicology, Reproductive Biology, Environmental Health, OncologyVIBS Endocrine toxicology; endocrine oncology; reproductive toxicity of chromium-VI on ovarian development and function, pregnancy, and fetal development; vitamin C and nutrioxidants' intervention on heavy more...
Barhoumi Mouneimne, Roula, Research Professor Toxicology, ImagingVIBS Dietary effects on polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons metabolites and their activation under different circadian rhythms. Development of methods in the fluorescence microscopy field that achieve data acquisition.more...
Barling, Kerry, Lecturer  VLCS
Barnes, Katherine, Clinical Assistant Professor  VSCS
Barton, Claudia, Professor  VSCS Oncology; aspiration cytology; small animal reproduction
Bazer, Fuller, Distinguished Professor Immunology, Reproductive Biology, Cell Biology, Physiology, Food Animal, EducationVIBS Reproductive biology with emphasis on uterine biology and pregnancy. Mechanisms of action of pregnancy recognition signals from the conceptus to the maternal uterus, including interferon tau and estrogen.more...
Beaver, Bonnie, Professor  VSCS Normal and abnormal domestic animal behavior; human-animal interrelationships; animal welfare
Bennett, Brad, Lecturer  VSCS
Berghman, Luc, Professor-Joint Appointment (Poultry Science) Immunology, Biodefense, Avian MedicineVTPB Major goals of my program are (1) to acquire fundamental new knowledge of the avian immune system, especially antigen presentation and (2) to apply this new knowledge toward the development of novel immuno-biotechnological.more...
Bergthorsson, Ulfar, Associate Professor  VIBS Broadly defined, our research interests fall under the umbrella of genome evolution in its various dimensions. We use an integrated approach employing comparative genomics, population genetics and experimental.more...
Bissett, Wesley, Director of the Veterinary Emergency Team & Associate Professor of Emergency Management Toxicology, Environmental Health, Disaster Management, EducationVLCS Veterinary emergency response, environmental health, epidemiology, and public health.
Blue-McLendon, Alice, Clinical Associate Professor Physiology, Zoo, Exotic and Wildlife MedicineVTPP Veterinary physiology, avian reproductive physiology, medicine of exotic animals, management of exotic animals teaching and research projects
Bordin, Angela, Assistant Professor of Immunology and Infectious Disease  VLCS
Boudreau, Beth, Assistant Professor NeurologyVSCS Neuro-oncology, neuro-immunology, imaging correlates of clinical neurological disease
Bray, Jeffrey, Research Associate  VTPP
Brightsmith, Donald, Associate Professor Environmental Health, Infectious Disease, EcologyVTPB Avian health; avian ecology; geophagy (consumption of soil); avian conservation; disease threats from the live bird trade; diets of wild and captive exotic birds; role of infectious diseases in wild and.more...
Brinkmeyer-Langford, Candice, Research Assistant Professor Immunology, Neuroscience, Genomics, GeneticsVIBS My primary research focus is genomics. I am particularly interested in comparative genomics: learning about the dynamics underlying human diseases by studying their counterparts in animals. One of more...
Brinsko, Steven, Professor of Equine Theriogenology Reproductive BiologyVLCS Equine theriogenology. Sperm membrane function; and semen preservation.
Brunauer, Regina, Research Assistant Professor  VTPP
Budke, Christine, Professor Epidemiology, Public HealthVIBS Epidemiology; burden of disease indicators; zoonotic diseases (larval cestodes); transmission dynamics of parasitic diseases; international veterinary medicine and public health.
Burghardt, Robert, Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Studies Toxicology, Reproductive Biology, Cell Biology, ImagingDCVM Reproductive biology, toxicology/environmental health; use of non-invasive imaging technologies to investigate the mechanisms by which biological response modifiers ranging from hormones and growth factorssmore...
Cai, James, Associate Professor Genomics, Genetics, Infectious Disease, MicrobiologyVIBS Our research focuses on elucidation of genotype-phenotype relationships using computational and evolutionary genomics approaches. We develop computational tools and statistical tests to estimate key parameters.more...
Capik, Sarah, Assistant Professor-Joint Appointment (AgriLife - Amarillo)  VTPB
Chaffin, Keith, Associate Department Head for Clinical Programs & Professor of Large Animal Internal Medicine  VLCS Equine internal medicine, pediatrics, respiratory disease and ultrasonography; Rhodococcus equi foal pneumonia; equine infectious disease; equine gastrointestinal disease; equine urogenital disease; and.more...
Chaki, Sankar, Research Assistant Professor Cell Biology, Infectious DiseaseVTPB Cell and molecular biology, Quantitative imaging, actin cytoskeletal dynamics in health and diseases, male fertility management, host-pathogen interaction, improve diagnostics and vaccine development for more...
Chaney, Kristin, Clinical Assistant Professor  DCVM
Chapkin, Robert, Distinguished Professor - Joint Appointment  VIBS Dr. Robert S. Chapkin, Distinguished Professor is an expert in dietary/microbial modulators related to prevention of cancer and chronic inflammatory diseases. He has been continuously funded by the National more...
Chiu, Weihsueh, Professor Toxicology, Environmental Health, Public HealthVIBS My research focuses on the development of quantitative, data-driven approaches for understanding and predicting the human health effects of environmental chemicals. Specifically, my research applies computational more...
Clement, Tracy, Assistant Professor Reproductive Biology, Cell Biology, Genetics, PhysiologyVTPP Genetics, epigenetics, molecular and cellular biology of male fertility; Cyto/nucleoskeletal morphogenesis in the developing spermatid, contribution of these mechanisms to epigenetic preconception exposure more...
Clubb, Fred, Clinical Professor Pathology, Imaging, Cardiology, Diagnostic ImagingVTPB Electron microscopic evaluation of myocardial and renal biopsies; qualitative and quantitative evaluation of implantable cardiovascular devices for nonGLP and GLP \preclinical trials.
Cohen, Noah, Associate Department Head for Research and Graduate Studies, Professor of Large Animal Internal Medicine & Patsy Link Chair in Equine Research Epidemiology, Infectious Disease, Medicine, MicrobiologyVLCS Equine internal medicine. Special Equine Interests: infectious disease epidemiology, immunology, vaccinology, and host-pathogen interactions
Coleman, Michelle, Associate Department Head for Academic Programs & Assistant Professor of Large Animal Internal Medicine EpidemiologyVLCS Epidemiology, Equine Endocrinology, Equine Infectious Disease
Cook, Audrey, Associate Professor MedicineVSCS Endocrinology; gastroenterology; endoscopy and interventional radiology.
Cook, Walt, Clinical Associate Professor  VTPB I am primarily interested in wildlife disease prevention and management. I have done research and management on diseases such as anthrax, brucellosis, and chronic wasting disease. I have also done work.more...
Cornell, Karen, Associate Dean for Professional Programs  DCVM
Creevy, Kate, Associate Professor Infectious Disease, MedicineVSCS I am a board-certified small animal veterinary internist, with ongoing research interests in infectious disease, pedagogical theory in science education, and the genetic and environmental determinants.more...
Criscitiello, Michael, Associate Professor and Assistant Dean for Research and Graduate Studies Immunology, Toxicology, Genomics, Genetics, Infectious Disease, EducationVTPB My Comparative Immunogenetics Laboratory studies immunology and evolution. Most of our research focuses on the early natural history of the vertebrate.more...
Curley, Jr., Kevin, Instructional Assistant Professor Science/Tech JournalismVIBS science communication; educational technology; web-based learning
Davidson, Jacqueline, Clinical Professor SurgeryVSCS soft tissue surgery; physical rehabilitation; pain management
Davis, Amanda, Lecturer Physiology, EducationVTPP Chemotherapeutic myokines secreted from contracting skeletal muscle and their effects on mammary carcinogenesis
Dawson, Lindsay, Research Assistant Professor  VTPP
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