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Biomedical Sciences Parents' Association

The purpose of the Biomedical Sciences Parents' Association is to keep parents informed on current affairs, student activities, academic programs, and student needs specific to the Biomedical Sciences Program.  It also provides information on upcoming Biomedical Sciences parent activities and programs, which are designed to promote parent, student, faculty, and staff involvement in the Biomedical Sciences Program.

Members receive 2-3 newsletters per semester with information about:

  • Current events happening in the program
  • Important deadlines throughout the semester
  • Upcoming family socials such as the football tailgate in the fall and the baseball BBQ in the spring

Membership dues go to the Texas A&M Development Foundation and are primarily used to fund the BSA scholarships awarded to juniors and seniors, watches for seniors graduation with a 4.0 GPA, the cost of mailing newsletters, and periodically, a portion of the tailgate or BBQ.  The annual dues are $40 to cover membership for one academic year.

Parents can join the Biomedical Sciences Parents' Association during their student's New Student Conference in the summer. Please do not mail your dues to the Biomedical Sciences (BIMS) office unless you are renewing your membership from the previous academic year.