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BSA Requirements


  • BSA members must attend three (3) meetings throughout the semester. If a member cannot attend one of the meetings, one ECHO meeting can be used to replace a branch meeting. The beginning of the semester General Meeting counts as one of the three required meetings.
  • If you attend an ECHO meeting in place of a BSA meeting, you will need to bring your form to get signed by an ECHO officer as proof of attendance.

Community Service

  • BSA encourages members to become involved with the community by requiring a minimum of ten (10) community service hours each semester. Information regarding service projects can be found at any branch meeting.
  • Community service hours will only count if you are participating in a volunteering experience, e.g. if you are shadowing a doctor, you must be assisting the doctor, not just observing.


  • BSA members must attend two (2) socials during the semester.

Membership Dues

Remaining an Active Member

  • BSA members must sign in at all meetings and socials to get credit for attending and must submit an active member form by the deadline for each fall and spring semester to be considered active.  Members should document their meetings, socials, and community service as proof of their active membership in case the BSA Secretary has no record of their attending enough meetings, socials, or submitting a community service form.
  • If a BSA member does not complete the minimum BSA requirements for the fall semester, the member will become inactive and must pay a $10 reactivation fee for spring membership.  You must submit a membership form when paying your reactivation fee.  This fee may be submitted to the BIMS office or at the first general BSA meeting of the spring semester.

BSA Constitution

  • To view the BSA Constitution, please click here.