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American College of Zoological Medicine Shortcourse

6/10/2013 - 6/14/2013

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Chair(s): Dr. Jill Heatley

Texas A&M University, College of Veterinary Medicine is pleased to announce the American College of Zoological Medicine Short Course to be held Jun 10-14 2013.

Topics will include chiropterans, edentates, cervids, callitrichids, New world primates, Sciuridae, toxic plants, infectious diseases of elephants, giraffe and okapi anesthesia, crocodilians, zoonoses of ectotherms, large felid noninfectious disease, free living felid infectious diseases, aquatic invertebrates, free living marine mammals, fish, diseases of free living and captive herpetofauna, reptile and amphibian anatomy and physiology, and epidemiologic techniques.

Speakers will include Matt Allender (University of Illinois), Chris Bonar (Dallas Zoo), J. Jill Heatley, (Texas A&M University), Lauren Howard (Houston Zoo), Javier Nevarez (Louisiana State University), and Maryanne Tocidlowski (Houston Zoo).

In addition mock Day 1, Day 2 and Practical portions of the exams will be included on a daily basis with material drawn from previous lectures. Approximately 35 hours of CE credit will be available to veterinarians. Attendees will have the opportunity to interact with ACZM exam committee members regarding the examination and presenters will provide their study strategies.

College Station, Texas is easily accessible from the Houston Bush International Airport via shuttle or airplane.

To learn more about the American College of Zoological Medicine, visit their website at:

Status: Open