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Current Projects

Core Surgical Skills: Basic Instrument Use

Can web-based instruction enhance veterinary students' mastery of surgical skills? The Core Surgical Skills initiative aims to do just that. A collaboration between Texas A&M University, Colorado State University, and The Ohio State University, this pilot project explores new surgical training methodologies. Under the traditional apprenticeship model, students are taught specific surgical procedures (e.g. ovariohysterectomy) by observing mentors and through trial and error. In this new online training series, students learn a skills-based approach to surgery. Through a series of core skills modules, novice surgeons acquire all the skills necessary to perform any surgical procedure that will be encountered in general practice. The first course in the training series, Basic Instrument Use, is a ½ credit course that is currently in pilot testing at TAMU. The team hopes to expand the initiative to develop new core surgical skills modules over the next few years. This pilot course was funded in part by a grant from the Alternatives Research and Development Foundation.

United States Department of Agriculture Initiatives

The Center for Educational Technologies is home to a  3-year initiative to develop educational training programs for the USDA. Deployed internationally, these agricultural training programs will support capacity building efforts in developing nations.