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Find the Joy

Hey Class of 2018! It's your Vice-President here, Bethany Weinheimer!


Welcome to our Find the Joy page, a nice and easy place where we can de-stress and just laugh a little! I wanted to start this Find the Joy page to create a great environment with fun and inspiring posts. As we know, Vet School can get overwhelming, and it is easy to fall into the mass chaos that develops around us. Let's work together to make each other laugh and pull through these next four years TOGETHER!


I will be posting fun questions to get everyone talking about the wonderful blessings we have, and just really encourage each other. This will give us a chance to get to know each other and create a family atmosphere! Everyone feel free to send any funny pictures, meme, videos, questions, and any great things that will make everyone smile to myself at, Please title the subject line "Find the Joy", I will approve it, and send it to Zach it to post on our awesome class website!



What are the funniest stores people have asked you to help them with since you have been accepted to vet school?  
Please send your stories, videos and comments to me, to share your story with all of our class


A friend texted me a video that their parents sent to my friend with their pet just twitching their ears. They asked me what is going on? I told them potentially an ear infection? GO SEE YOUR VET! The parents then texted me directly saying that their pet have had previous ear infections. They asked me what could they do to fix it? Can they use the previous medications? I told them, actually more like reminded them, that I wasn't a doctor yet - looked like an ear infection, they need to do an ear swab to get the right meds for the issue. I told them to see their vet. They responded saying, "well I just wanted you to get used to our dogs problems now so that you'll know their history when I get out..."


Not much of a story...but just one of those shake-my-head situations.

-El Presidente, Bryan Chiang