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Canine Neurology

Evaluation of a New Drug (Rapamycin) in Dogs with Disk Herniation


Evaluation of a New Drug (Rapamycin) in Dogs with Disk Herniation

Contact Person

Elizabeth Scanlin, BS
Juan Torres, BS, LVT
Jonathan M. Levine, DVM, DACVIM-Neurology



Inclusion Criteria and General Background Information

  • T3-L6 spinal cord injury due to disk herniation
  • Systemically healthy otherwise based on PE and bloodwork
  • No breed restrictions
  • No gender restrictions
  • No weight limit
  • Inability to walk for a period not exceeding 48 hours prior to enrollment
  • Surgical treatment elected based on CT or MRI

Exclusion Criteria

  • Widespread cancer or inflammation
  • History of breeding/pregnancy (within the last 6 months)
  • Presence of significant multi-organ damage
  • Estimated life expectancy of <2 weeks
  • Unsuitable temperament for evaluations required in this study

Owner Commitments

Each enrolled animal will participate for a total of 90 days (3 months). Participating dogs will be hospitalized for seven days after surgery (Days 1-7), and then return to Texas A&M on days 42 and 90 following surgery, for recheck evaluations that will each last approximately 4 hours. Further details on study procedures can be obtained by contacting the Neurology staff at 979-845-2351

Financial Incentives

There are no financial obligations by the owner to Texas A&M University for participation in this study, although you will be responsible for standard fees associated with initial examination, surgery and recovery. The 42 day and 90 day follow-up visits will be paid for by the investigator and are required for participation.  A $500 discount will be paid to the clients after completion of the day 90 follow-up visit.