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Feline Study 1

Title: Dietary Management of Chronic Feline Diarrhea
Contact Person: Dr. Sally Purcell or Dr. Deb Zoran
Species: Cats
Inclusion Criteria and General Background Information: This is a 4 week long clinical trial studying the effectiveness of two different diets for treatment of chronic diarrhea in cats. Eligibility for inclusion in this trial is otherwise healthy, adult (> 1 yr old) cats with diarrhea for more than 4 weeks. To determine inclusion in the trial, all cats will be evaluated for general health and assessed for specific causes of diarrhea that would be treated directly by running several blood tests, fecal exams, a GI panel, Abdominal ultrasound, and GI endoscopy with biopsies to rule specific causes of diarrhea (Lymphoma, giardia or other parasites, or any other specific causes).
Exclusion Criteria: Cats with specific diseases causing diarrhea such as lymphoma, giardia, tritrichomonas, or other identifiable diseases that would not be responsive to dietary therapy are not eligible. Cats currently on prednisone therapy must be off drug therapy for a minimum of 2 weeks to be included. Cats with other health problems, such as kidney or heart disease will not be included.
Owner Commitments: Owners will be required to keep a log of their cats response to therapy - food intake, feces character, and general condition for four weeks, and then return to TAMU for a follow up examination at the end of the trial.
Financial Incentives: For owners with cats completing the trial, all costs associated with the initial evaluation (an estimated $1800 value) and final evaluation, and the food supplied for the trial will be paid by the trial sponsor. Owner of cats that do not complete the trial will not be eligible for payment.