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bald meMike teaches both in and out of the lab. He developed and teaches one full stacked undergraduate/graduate course each odd Spring semester:

He teaches the introductory undergraduate immunology course every even Spring:

Mike teaches an immunology techniques block and is the coordinator for:

And contributes lectures to several others:

  • GENE 320 Genetics (MHC and lymphocyte immunogenetics lectures)
  • GENE 305 Honors Genetics (population genetics lectures)
  • GENE 405 Mammalian Genetics (somatic recombination lecture)
  • Others' VTPB 409 Intro to Immunology (T cell development and function lectures)
  • VTPB 405 Biomedical Microbiology (immunology lectures)
  • VTMI 662 Advanced Immunologic Concepts (comparative immunology module)
  • WFSC 427/689 Disease Management in Fisheries and Aquaculture (humoral immunity of fish)
  • VIBS 690 Theory of Research (philosophy of science lecture)