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Why do we need this new building?

Moving toward the future...

Students x-rays

Because our CVM campus has experienced tremendous growth in programs and people in the past 100 years, our facilities must follow to maintain our progress. We have seen a need for updates in our facilities and feel that both the expansion of the Small Animal Hospital and new Teaching Facility will prepare us for the future of Veterinary Medicine.

  • Small Animal Hospital-The top three priorities in regards to the expansion of the small animal hospital are as follows:
    • Internal Medicine
    • Surgery
    • Front Desk/Admissions
  • Teaching Facility- The new teaching facility will be focused on three main values:
    • Education: The new facility will feature a better learning environment for our students. The way that the classrooms are currently set up, they are overcrowded, divided, and not fit to handle the latest technology. There is also not enough classroom space for all of the necessary electives. The new facility will be able to accommodate a large class size to meet the demand of our students, faculty, and staff; from the current 132 entry student class size to the possible entry of 200 students. Professors will also be able to teach the electives to all of the students in one space, and the flow of the classroom itself will be open, inviting, and inspiring to both professors and students. We are also planning to equip each classroom with the latest technology allowing for future advancement.
    • Innovation: We are hoping that the new teaching facility will spark the advancement of veterinary research and education. This building will represent the progressive attitude and ideals of the school and will inspire future veterinary leaders and animal research pioneers. The plans will include classrooms that not only surpass today's standards, but will be able to translate into functional classrooms for the next 50 years. The new facility will be equipped with the latest technology to enhance both the educational and research experience. The new facility will also be built with an eye toward flexibility to allow for growth and change with emerging technologies.
    • Dedication: The new facility will be dedicated to providing all student, faculty, and staff an ideal learning and working environment. The amenities provided in the new building will promote an inspiring learning environment and a comfortable work environment. For example, there will be a large Teaching Conference Center that will accommodate seating for about 1000 people. The auditorium will have multiple purposes such as Continuing Education events, a place for all of the four veterinary classes to meet, large events, and meeting rooms. In the planning and development of this building, our dedication to the needs and desires of our faculty, staff, and students will be one of our highest priorities. The dedication that you have shown as faculty, staff, and students has been noticed and appreciated and we are more than honored to thank you with the development of this new building.