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X-Ray/CT Imaging

X-Ray and CT Imaging Title

X-Ray Imaging

  • Our X-Tek Hawk CT and X-ray imaging system is capable of taking high resolution X-Ray images under magnification to look for fractures or other internal structural damage in stents and other medical devices.
  • A moveable bar allows the sample to be precisely rotated to observe sample features at any angle under a wide range of magnification.

CT Imaging and VG Studio MaxScreen shot 2011-09-12 at 10.32.44 AM

  • The X-Tek Hawk CT and X-ray Imaging system is also capable of high resolution Computed Tomography reconstructions of a variety of sample sizes using VG Studio Max.
  • This program allows highly detailed CT reconstructions to be analyzed in three dimensions and separated into digital layers by material density or radio-opacity.
  • Using unique stains developed in our lab, we are able to obtain higher resolution CT images of specific tissues including connective tissue, muscle fibers, and small quantities of lipid material.

Medical devices embedded in tissue can be reconstructed precisely as a 3-D model without removing the device or compromising the tissue.

Micro CT provides a perspective on device performance that is impossible to achieve from histology and X-ray alone.


Liquid Barium Injection

TAMU CVP also has the capabilities to inject vessels with liquid barium. This allows for better evaluation of the vessels.

Barium Heart


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