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July 8, 2011

  • Provost Watson has embarked on a special project that will pull together information from all the colleges demonstrating the impacts each college's faculty, staff, and students make - in Texas, beyond Texas, and on society in general. With broad input from the CVM administrative team that represents and ties closely to our faculty and staff, we have begun to collect and organize information regarding impacts of CVM. The first draft, a copy of which is attached, has been completed and submitted to Provost Watson; however, this is a living document with revisions expected. Suggestions for impacts, not just activities, which would strengthen this document are welcomed and should be submitted to your department head or another member of the administrative team with whom you work closely. A major challenge is the two page limit, but we will certainly use good information, as appropriate.
  • Another important project at the University level is the process for accreditation by the Southern Association for Colleges and Schools (SACS). The SACS program is an assessment measure for all academic programs, with accreditation occurring every 10 years. At Texas A&M the process will begin in earnest during the Spring 2012 semester. While Vice Provost Pam Matthews has accepted primary responsibility for overseeing the accreditation process at the campus level, it is important for the entire CVM family to understand the importance of SACS accreditation to Texas A&M and to be informed as the process moves along, especially as the SACS team visits our campus.
  • In Legislative news, we all are aware of the difficult year financially for the State of Texas, especially as our legislators went into special session to resolve budget issues. Our university administration maintains that while the $60 million in cuts that were made previously were difficult, they should keep us from having to experience another budget reduction at this time. As news from the special session arrives at the university, we will keep you informed of the impact of those decisions on our college. For now, there still is no definite word about the CVM educational building, except that TRBs (tuition revenue bonds), the proposed vehicle for funding, are not in the current budget.
  • Work on the windows in the VMS building continues. Those whose offices and labs have been completed have already commented on the climate difference. We can expect improved energy efficiency and comfort for those working in VMS along with a better view. Revamping of Parking Area 38 in front of the college has begun and is ahead of schedule. The parking area improvements include the addition of a few more spaces. The Facilities Master Plan has been reviewed and hard copies for viewing should be available around July 15th. Many thanks to Facilities Director Sam Wigington and the Facilities Master Planning Team for their efforts in contributing to a long-term vision for our CVM campus. More information about the plan will be forthcoming, including a summer "College Hour" session dedicated to facilities.
  • It is a pleasure to announce the IT Services new technology and network upgrade. Currently, our IT Services team is receiving and installing new server hardware and will soon start the preparation for an e-mail migration from Novell GroupWise to Microsoft Outlook. In addition to the email change that most folks will notice, there will also be a "behind the scenes" server change that will go mostly unnoticed to us, but will provide a much more stable computing environment for the College. For more information about this "Technology Refresh," please visit the IT Services website to monitor progress as this migration proceeds. The website has links to documentation for the new Microsoft Outlook/Exchange system, dates for training opportunities, as well as videos from previous training events. This website will also host the timeline for the complete migration once it has been set. Please make sure to look at the Q&A section of the website to find answers to the most common questions and for the option to post new questions.
  • I am pleased to announce that Dr. Kenita Rogers, Professor of Small Animal Clinical Sciences and Associate Dean of Professional Programs, has agreed to serve as our new CVM Director for Climate and Diversity. She will serve in this role in addition to her current duties. As the Director for Climate and Diversity, Dr. Rogers will be responsible for advancing the TAMU Diversity Plan and Imperative 6 of Vision 2020 within the CVM. This will include oversight of diversity initiatives within our college, ensuring that climate and diversity are embedded concepts in our recruitment and retention of faculty, staff, and students, as well as advisory boards and committees. She will help identify funding sources for diversity initiatives and will be responsible for the collection and reporting of data related to the success of these initiatives in an annual report. Please thank Dr. Rogers for her willingness to take on this new role.
  • Dr. Jane Welsh, Professor and Associate Department Head of Veterinary Integrative Biosciences, has agreed to serve as our new Assistant Dean for Graduate Studies. Dr. Welsh will work closely with the Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Studies to facilitate and enhance the graduate experience at the CVM and helps advise graduate students. In addition, she will be engaged in recruitment of graduate students and enhancement and further development of the undergraduate research experience within the college. We appreciate Dr. Welsh's commitment to graduate studies in our college, and thank her for taking on this additional role.
  • Dr. Linda Logan, Professor and Department Head of Veterinary Pathobiology, has committed to helping the CVM extend its global outreach by assuming an additional role as the CVM Director of International Programs. To build upon the international activities within our College, Dr. Logan will represent a point of coordination for these international activities. Her duties will include developing and maintaining a resource document for tracking international initiatives, helping identify funding for international programs, and engaging a CVM International Program Advisory Council. In addition, she will serve as liaison with the university campus global initiatives. With her experience as a former APHIS Senior Attaché for Africa and the Middle East, we look forward to her contributions to a robust International Program here in our college. Thank you, Dr. Logan, for assuming this new role.

Eleanor M. Green, DVM, DACVIM, DABVP
Carl B. King Dean of Veterinary Medicine
College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences
Texas A&M University
(979) 845-5053