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Continuing Education

Dr. Fossum in surgery

The Texas Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners requires each veterinarian in the state to complete 17 CE hours per year. Each registered veterinarian technician (RVT) is required to complete five hours.

The CVM is dedicated to being the premiere learning experience for veterinarians who need to receive their continuing education. Between 12 and 20 events are offered each calendar year that take advantage of the world renowned faculty and state of the art equipment available at Texas A&M.

A wide and varied array of topics and content is offered to accommodate most, if not every, veterinarian. While some topics are repeated every year with a different focus, new conferences are always in development to best feature the latest trends in veterinary medicine, such as the Farmed Deer Conference, which was held for the first time in Spring 2010.

Last year, 859 individuals from all over the country attended CE conferences at the CVM, and 310 continuing education hours were awarded to veterinarians.

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