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About Us

The administration of the College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences (CVM) is working diligently to enhance the learning environment through programs designed to increase the inclusion and diversity of faculty, staff, and students. Our programs have been integrated with the overall diversity efforts of the university and have placed the CVM in a leadership role in this area.

Leading Role

Dean Eleanor Green is a past chair of the Texas A&M University Council on Climate and Diversity. Additionally, Dr. Kenita Rogers, the Executive Associate Dean, has been named CVM Director of Climate and Diversity. Our college has also named Dr. Linda Logan as Director of International Programs. In recognition of their diversity efforts, the college has been awarded $390,000 over the past three years from Texas A&M University.

Notable Awards by Administrators for Diversity Programs

The Power of Three

The ‘Power of Three’ is a collection of student organizations that work together and independently to develop knowledge of and appreciation for inclusion & diversity at the CVM. Members of each advise and advocate for specific constituencies and serve as resources for all students, faculty, and staff.

Global Perspective

The International Programs Committee has been successful in securing more than $100,000 through reallocation funds from the university to enhance student learning by providing study abroad opportunities around the world. Undergraduate and professional DVM students have been able to participate in programs in Europe and South America, as well as a new program that has been initiated in South Africa.


Members of the administration, faculty, and staff have actively participated in diversity seminars that have been offered through main campus. These training programs have prepared members of the CVM family to meaningfully engage in an open and diverse environment and to serve as leaders in future diversity initiatives.

Financial Support

Financial support for inclusion & diversity programs and recruitment has been integral to the success of the CVM's initiatives. The Patterson Minority Fellowship and the TAMU-AFS Diversity Fellowships have enabled the CVM to recruit high caliber students from underrepresented minority groups. These funds are designed to assist these students with scholarly activities as they pursue veterinary residencies in a specialty area or doctoral degrees in biomedical sciences.

Undergraduate Recruitment

In addition, the Biomedical Sciences undergraduate program has continued to reach throughout the State of Texas, building 2 + 2 articulation agreements with junior colleges that facilitate the admission of students into the Biomedical Sciences program after successful completion of two years of a prerequisite curriculum at the junior college. These agreements, and the active recruitment and advising of students by the Biomedical Sciences advisory team, have led to one of the highest levels of diversity within the university. Many of the Biomedical Sciences students are also the first in their families to attend college.

Moving Forward

The CVM will continue to assess current initiatives and plan for future programs that will address our growing focus on diversity. As a leader within the university, the CVM recognizes the importance of a strategic focus to create a welcoming environment that fosters teamwork, tolerance, and collaborative learning.