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Diversity in our Graduate Programs

Graduate programs diversity graphs

Graduate programs focus on advanced research in the health sciences industry. Graduate studies enrollment at the Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences (CVM) is 63.6% female and 36.4% male with underrepresented minorities (URM) comprising 24.4% of the combined Master’s and Doctoral enrollment. The percentage of URM at peer schools: TAMU = 24.4%, PEER 1 = 10.9%, PEER 2 = 6.9%. The female percentage at peer schools: TAMU = 63.6%, PEER 1 = 60.4%, PEER 2 = 72.5%. Of the MS degrees completed, the percentage of women at each school was TAMU = 66% (31/47), PEER 1 = 66% (95/144), and PEER 2 = 100% (4/4). Of the completed PhD degrees at the peer institutions, the number of females was TAMU = 61.1% (11/18), PEER 1 = 60.9% (14/23), and PEER 2 = 50% (4/8). At each institution, the percentage of URMs completing MS degrees was TAMU = 25.5% (12/47), PEER 1 = 12.5% (18/144), and PEER 2 = 25% (1/4), and URM completing PhD degrees at the peer institutions was TAMU = 11.1% (2/18), PEER 1 = 13.0% (3/23), and PEER 2 = 12.5% (1/8).

* In comparison to our peers, the data show that over time there have been slight increases in women and URM in the CVM graduate programs. The number of female and URM students has remained comparable or higher than peer institutions.

Data Engagement: The Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Studies (ADRGS) has participated in several initiatives this year including: 1) NIH Building Infrastructure Leading to Diversity (BUILD) (U54) grant with Texas A&M University-Kingsville. This includes partnerships with institutions serving primarily rural, underrepresented and underserved students. Twelve faculty from the CVM have been recruited as mentors; 2) USDA STEAM Scholars Program entitled “Multicultural Scholars Program in Reproductive Biology at Prairie View A&M University.” Faculty mentors from the CVM and other Texas A&M units have been recruited as mentors for summer laboratory experiences; 3) Diversity Fellowship - Through a collaborative effort between the ADRGS team and the Associate Dean for Professional Programs & Director of Climate and Diversity, we created a CVM Graduate Diversity Fellowship that is awarded to an incoming or current PhD student for up to four years; we hope to add a second Diversity Fellowship in the near future. The Patterson fellow, funded through a matching diversity grant, has completed his residency and has now entered a PhD program.

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