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Professional Calendar

Spring 2017

Date Description
1/9/2017 First Day of Spring Semester Classes
1/16/2017 Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday for 1VM, 2VM and 3VM
2/15/2017 3VM Elective Course Registration Opens on Website for 2VM students
3/6/2017 Registration Deadline for 2VM’s to Select 3VM Elective Courses
3/13/2017-3/17/2017 Spring Break
3/16/2017-3/18/2017 SCAVMA Symposium at Texas A&M University
4/10/2017-4/22/2017 NAVLE Examination Period
4/10/2017-4/28/2017 End-of-Semester Student Course Evaluations Available on the Web
4/13/2017 Texas State Board Examination - No Testing Period
4/28/2017 Last Day of Spring Semester Classes
5/1/2017-5/5/2017 Spring Semester Final Examinations
5/8/2017 First Day of New 4VM Clinical Year
5/9/2017 Final Grades due in the Registrar’s Office by 10:00 a.m.
5/10/2017 DVM Commencement at 2:00 p.m. in Rudder Auditorium
5/29/2017 Memorial Day Holiday

Fall 2017

Date Description
8/21/2017 First Day of Fall Semester Classes
12/1/2017 Last Day of Fall Semester Classes
12/4/2017-12/8/2017 Fall Semester Final Examinations