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Eligibility & Residence Information

Students with a minimum grade point ratio (GPR) of 2.90 overall or a 3.10 GPR for the last 45 semester hours completed have met the minimal qualifications to submit an application (A=4.0 grade points per hour). However, meeting these minimal academic standards does not make the applicant competitive nor qualify for an interview. Only traditionally graded courses are considered when calculating the GPR for the last 45 hours. Typically, the last 45 hours are composed of upper division courses. At the time of application, any course work that is currently in progress will not be considered as a part of the GPA calculations. This course work will be reviewed by the Selections Committee during the review sessions when selecting applicants for entry into the College of Veterinary Medicine program. Only completed course work at the time of application will be used in GPA calculation.

By state law, only coursework from accredited U.S. colleges and universities of higher education can be used for computation of grade point averages.

Enrollment in the College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences is limited. Priority consideration is given to qualified applicants who are residents of Texas and who are United States citizens or residents of Texas who live in the United States under a visa permitting permanent residence. Applicants from other states who have outstanding credentials will also be considered for up to ten positions in each class.

If you have any questions regarding eligibility, please contact us at:

Office of the Dean
College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences
Texas A&M University
College Station, Texas 77843-4461
(979) 862-1169

E-mail DVM Admissions

Residency Information

Independent individuals 18 years of age or over who move into the state and who are gainfully employed within the state for a period of 12 months leading up to his or her enrollment in an institution of higher education may be classified as a resident for tuition purposes. These laws are subject to change and any questions should be directed towards the Registrar's Office at Texas A&M University or to the Texas Medical and Dental Schools Application Service (TMDSAS).