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Prerequisites for Other Colleges and Universities

The updates to the prerequisites is for the 2014-2015, application cycle (entering Class of 2015) and thereafter.

The changes to the prerequisites are:

  • English Literature replaced with Introduction to Psychology
  • We will only accept a Junior/Senior level Statistics course. Calculus will no longer be an acceptable prerequisite.

All applicants applying for Entry Class 2015 must have completed  or be enrolled in the following prerequisites prior to the submission of application (October 1, 2014 as well as application years after that):

  • Organic Chemistry I
  • Physics I
  • Biochemistry I

*There was a change that is to the advantage of all future applicants to the DVM program at Texas A&M University.  We did have a stipulation that the prerequisite courses had to be completed prior to application but after much consideration the Selections Committee decided to revert back to being either "completed or enrolled in at the time of application".  We are sorry for any confusion and hope that this will be to the advantage of the student.

Specific Subject Requirements for Universities Outside of Texas

If you have any questions regarding these course requirements listed, please contact the Dean's Office at (979) 862-1169.