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Price List

Procedure Unit price
Ovary dissection / Follicle aspiration
Search aspirate/dissection – no oocytes recovered $250 per mare
Post-mortem ovary dissection, oocyte collection, oocyte culture for maturation $500 per mare
Media/equipment preparation, processing follicular aspirate for oocyte recovery, oocyte culture for maturation $350 per aspirate
Oocyte culture/maturation for immature oocytes recovered by referring veterinarian and shipped to laboratory $250 per mare
Sperm preparation, intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) $1250 per mare (1 or more oocytes)
Additional stallion semen processing for ICSI $300 per semen type
ICSI-produced embryo culture and embryo production $500 per transferable embryo
Packaging and shipment of embryos (ICSI, vitrified or warmed) $150 per shipment
CREDIT  For each blastocyst over 3: if >3 blastocysts transferred per aspiration for no pregnancy at first check (~14 d) (-) $500
ICSI trial for stallion sperm (minimum 20 oocytes injected with subject and control sperm) $7,500
Assessment trial of shipped oocytes – maturation and ICSI, per shipment $500
Biopsy and Vitrification
Embryo vitrification $300 per embryo
Additional embryo vitrified concurrently $200 per embryo
Embryo micromanipulation for blastocoele collapse (to allow vitrification of embryos >300 μm diameter) $300 per embryo
Embryo biopsy for genetic diagnosis $500 per embryo
Packaging and submission of biopsied cells to genetics laboratory $175 per shipment
Warming of vitrified embryos $150 per embryo
Additional embryo warmed concurrently $100 per embryo
Cell culture
Processing of tissue for cell culture and cryopreservation – 1 line $2,000
Processing additional tissue cell line from same animal for cell culture and cryopreservation $1,000
NT trial to determine nuclear status of donor cells, with bovine or equine oocytes – 3 replicates $8,500
After hours surcharges/discounts
After hours receipt of oocytes – placement in culture $100
After hours: aspiration / receipt of ovaries for dissection / tissue for culture / manipulation for ICSI, biopsy, or vitrification $200
Discount for A&M/AgriLife staff/faculty 20% of total bill