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Disease Eco-Epidemiology

We research the ecology, evolution, and epidemiology of vector-borne, wildlife, and zoonotic diseases using field-based studies and molecular tools.  By understanding how pathogens are maintained in nature, we aim to identify novel targets for interventions to reduce disease risk to humans, wildlife, and domestic animal populations.

Check out our photostream for updates from the lab, field, and social events:

News Update

  • August 2015

    Dr. Miranda was interviewed by The Nature Conservancy about her crane research.  Best first line ever!

  • July 2015 Our work at dog kennels is featured on the front page of the Uvalde News!
  • June 2015 Rachel's Citizen Science kissing bug program is featured in 'Citizen Science Tuesday' blog of The Nature Conservancy.  It is kissing bug season... please submit your bugs here!
  • June 2015 Congrats on your earning your non thesis Master of Science degree in Veterinary Public Health, Katlyn! Best wishes for vet school this fall.
  • May 2015

    The Nature Conservancy featured some of our migratory bird, tick, and pathogen research in their Cool Green Science Blog.  Here, you can read about the hitchhikers across the Gulf of Mexico.

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