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Disease Eco-Epidemiology

We research the ecology, evolution, and epidemiology of vector-borne, wildlife, and zoonotic diseases using field-based studies and molecular tools.  By understanding how pathogens are maintained in nature, we aim to identify novel targets for interventions to reduce disease risk to humans, wildlife, and domestic animal populations.

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Recent News from the Lab:

  • July 2018

    Texas Master Naturalists- Brazos County Chapter- July meeting

    Speaker: Sarah A. Hamer – Director of Schubot Exotic Bird Health Center, Associate Professor of Epidemiology, Associate Wildlife Biologist

    Title: Citizen science, kissing bugs, and Chagas disease at the human-wildlife-domestic animal interface in the Southern United States

    Date: Thursday, July 19, 2018
    Location: Brazos Valley Museum of Natural History (BVMNH) 3232 Briarcrest Drive, Bryan, TX 77802
    Start Time: 6:30 pm; End Time: 7:30 pm

    FREE and open to the public, plenty of parking at the BVMNH.

  • July 2018 Austin is celebrating Grackle Week with a series of articles, podcasts, videos, interviews all about grackles.  Our team's grackle work was featured in the article called 'Can Grackles make you sick?  Find out what is lurking inside the birds'.  Given the high density of these invasive birds in the well-lit urban areas, our students investigated selected zoonotic pathogens (Salmonella, West NIle Virus, blood parasites, etc) that infect the birds and may also infect people.
  • July 2018 Radio-transmitters used for tracking movement of blood-sucking vectors for the first time!  New pilot study discovering cryptic kissing bug habitats published in Journal of Medical Entomology, and featured in Smithsonian Magazine, Entomology Today, TAMU Ento Dept. and more.
  • July 2018 Carolyn described a novel poxvirus in Texas rodents, published in EID. Collaborators included mammalogists, virologists at the CDC poxvirus branch, pathologists, and veterinarians. Selected for a press summary by the journal; Covered by Live Science, Fox News.  Carolyn also recorded a Podcast on the findings for the Emerging Infectious Disease journal- listen in for 13 minutes of good info!
  • July 2018 Congrats to DVM student researchers Elise and Julia for earning the veterinary public health scholarships! 
    Brigadier General Charles V.L. Elia '43 & LTC Virginia Porter Elia Endowed Scholarship (Elise)
    Brigadier General Charles V.L. Elia '43 Endowed Scholarship (Julia)

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