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October 2012

Miranda and Sarah represented the Epi and Public Health group at the TAMU Sigma Xi Undergraduate Research Expo. We met some promising undergraduates interested in disease ecology research. We promoted research-based career paths for those interested in DVM or MD training!

Undergrad ExpoUndergrad Expo2

Sarah's newly published article in Emerging Infectious Diseases on urban wild birds and tick-borne pathogens was selected as a 'Media Highlight':

Wild Birds and Urban Ecology of Ticks and Tick-borne Pathogens, Chicago, Illinois, USA, 2005-2010:
'No longer do you have to visit rural areas to find ticks; birds are flying them directly to you. When researchers sampled several thousand birds in Chicago, they found that some carried ticks; and some of these ticks carried the organism that spreads Lyme disease. Although the number of infected ticks on these birds was low, risk for their invading an area and spreading infection to humans cannot be ignored. If conditions are favorable, a few infected ticks can quickly multiply. Migratory birds also carried tick species only known to be established in central and South America.  Limited introduction and successful establishment of ticks and disease-carrying organisms pose a major health risk for humans, wildlife, and domestic animals in urban environments worldwide.'

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