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August 2013

  • Our labs were so fortunate to have visiting high school research Adam Curtis for a full month!  Hopefully the fishing trip to the gulf coast made Adam's time in Texas worth it.  We hope you come back to learn more with us next summer!IMG_2276
  • Sarah headed to the 13th International Conference on Lyme Borreliosis and Other Tick-borne Pathogens on the Harvard Medical Campus in Boston.  She presented a poster on Ehrlichia muris ecology, and was able to hang out with some of the original Tick Chicks!10030336195_3699b543b0_o10030489236_4852ea8417_o
  • Gabe and Sarah and our students enjoyed another fun, yet relatively unproductive morning of mist netting!  Check out our FLICKR site for photos.  Also, we were very happy that Lynn David Cole of Texas Review Stars showed up to see the birds.  He followed up with a visit to campus to interview Sarah, you can see it here: 
  • We had a great summer with visiting summer researchers Katlin, Trevor, Raven, Lee, and Katelyn.  Thanks for all your hard work!10030415443_0990d02b91_o10030283424_98e1c1ac72_o

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