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January 2013

  • Lab member Carolyn Hodo is awarded a TAMU CVM Postdoctoral Research Grant!  We are thrilled!  This grant will fund our new studies in Chagas disease ecology to explore the role of parasite coinfections on disease outcome using controlled transmission experiments!!
  • This semester, we welcome two undergraduate researchers to the lab!  Matthew Olcha is a senior in Biomedical Sciences, and just learned he will have to choose from at least a couple schools for DVM training in the fall! (Congrats, Matt!!). Tyler Smith is a sophomore in the Forensics program in the Entomology Department, and we hope he'll work with our lab for semesters and years to come!
  • Crane Research gets some media coverage! From the TAMU VetEpi website:
    'Epidemiology graduate student Miranda Bertram engages with hunters to address whooping crane conservation issues'

    'Miranda Bertram DVM, a PhD student in Dr. Sarah Hamer's lab, is interested in the pathogens and parasites that are associated with Whooping Cranes that may play a role in limiting population growth of this endangered species. To address her questions, Miranda conducts noninvasive fecal sampling of Whooping Cranes on their wintering grounds at Aransas National Wildlife Refuge.  Miranda also collects samples from Sandhill Cranes- a common species in Texas that may be a model for better understanding the risks to the Whoopers.'

    Houston Chronicle Article - January 16, 2013
  • Sarah gave a research seminar at the Health Science Center, TAMU College of Medicine.  Thanks for the invitation, Dr. Jenny Hyde!

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