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March 2013

  • Sarah and Gabe both presented at the Southwestern Entomological Society conference in Las Cruces, NM.  Their road trip also included picking up some Rocky Mountain sandhill cranes for research.
  • A press article featuring Rachel Curtis' work and solicitation of kissing bugs has just been published in the IMG_2117AgriLife News called 'Never Kiss a Kissing Bug'
  • Many local newspapers across the state picked up the press release, including The Eagle (local newspaper in Bryan/College Station), which ran an article on March 25 2013 including a great photo of Rachel holding a kissing bug in the lab.
  • Congrats to Emily Boothe, undergrad researcher working with Gabe in Entomology... Emily was just accepted to the Master of Science program in Entomology.  Emily will officially enroll in the fall, but her first field season will be this summer working on mosquito stable isotope mark recapture studies!
  • Congrats to undergraduate researcher Matthew Olcha!  After being accepted at 4 vet schools (and on the wait list for an additional school), Matthew made his decision to accept his offer at Kansas State!  We are so proud of you!
  • Miranda wrapped up her first field season late this month with an final 15 or so fecal samples collected from the refuge.  Now its time to plunge in to molecular parasite ID, crane microsatellite analysis, and more!IMG_3856

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