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November 2013

  • Sarah was invited to give a seminar in the Department of Entomology at University of Illinois by her colleague Brian Allan.  Great couple of days at my old stomping grounds!
  • Congrats to Jaime Rodriguez, Rachel Curtis, Emily Boothe, and Andrew Golnar for their stellar poster presentations at this years Entomology Society of America Conference in Austin.  Gabe and Sarah gave invited seminars. That's Jaime with Yukie Miyamoto of Japan, wife of Kenji Miyamoto, the entomologist for which the pathogen Jaime studies was named (Borrelia miyamotoi).


  • Congrats to Carolyn Hodo for her poster AND oral presentations at the American Association of Veterinary Pathologists meeting in Montreal.
  • Rachel and Andrew represented the Hamer Labs with oral presentations in the lunchtime Vector Biology Seminar Series. Great work! (And yummy homemade treats, Rachel!)
  • Jaime and Lowell are doing awesome with med and vet school interviews all over the place!
  • Jaime wrapped up his very last field trapping excursion for his MS program!  (we processed critters in the bathroom due to all the rain outside!)
  • Its Crane Season again!  Miranda lead an awesome team for Sandhill necropsies in the Panhandle.  The whoopers are making their way back to Aransas.
  • Adrian holds the new record for capture success. He captured 73 small mammals using 240 traps (>30% success) at the Attwater Prairie Chicken Refuge and processed them all in one day. And then claimed it was too wet to drag sample for ticks.

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