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April 2014

  • For the second year, we are again collaborating with the Smithsonian Migratory Bird Center and the Mad Island Bird Banding Crew to study exotic ticks on birds.  Read more about it at the new Smithsonian blog post here.
  • Jaime gave a great Vector Biology seminar presentation entitled: Small rodent species as reservoirs for tick-borne pathogens in East-Central Texas
  • Rachel was awarded a travel grant from the College of Veterinary Medicine Graduate Student Association to attend this summer's AAVP conference; congrats!
  • Sarah and her team's 'One Health' proposal was selected as one of four to move forward for the TAMU 'Grand Challenge'.  Lets hope for some funding soon so we can pursue our pilot project along the US-Mexico border!
  • Sarah was selected for the 'Outstanding Young Faculty Research Award' within the TAMU College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Science.  She was unable to attend the Spring Convocation Ceremony because she was giving birth to baby Tabitha!Hamer_FacultyAward
  • WELCOME to the newest lab member TABITHA!  She attended her first lab meeting at 6 days old, and her first field work experience (mammal trapping with the epidemiology class and Jaime) at 7 days old.

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