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June 2014

  • Jamie defended his MS thesis on Friday the 13th entitled Ecology of a Tick-Rodent-Mammal community in east-central TX.  Congrats Jaime!  Now its time to publish before med school.IMG_3847
  • Sarah and Gabe presented at the EEID meeting in Colorado, and spent a couple days in the Rocky Mountains.
  • Karen moved in to officially join Gabe's lab as a PhD student. Welcome Karen!
  • Andrew is in Indonesia hunting arboviruses!
  • Carolyn completed her anatomic pathology residency, congrats!
  • Sarah's new paper on the center of origin of tick-borne zoonoses in the Midwest has been published in Infection, Genetics, and Evolution.
  • Rachel, Lisa, Karen, Gabe, and Sarah participated in the Diseases in Nature meeting in Irving, TX.  Lots of great vector-borne disease work!IMG_3951

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