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Personal Interests

Jazz Music

I don't play any instruments, but I like classical jazz, swing, be-bop, and modern jazz up to the 60s.

It don't mean a thing,
if it ain't got that swing.

Louis ArmstrongLionell Hampton

Modern Art

Oil Painting

I even did some oil paintings, like the one on the right.


I read lots of thing, mostly non-fiction(self-help, science, psychology, biographies).


Then, of course, there are the books that I write. Here are a few of my own books:

Core Ideas in Neuroscience Thank You, Brain, For All You Remember Science, the Brain, and Our FutureBrainstem Mechanisms of Behavior Global Peace Through the Global University System Animal EEG'Dillos - Roadkill on Extinction Highway?Discovery Processes in Modern Biology Blame Game - How to Win it