Texas A&M University leaders met at the Museum of Fine Arts in Houston in January to participate in the first phase of the Texas Medical Center’s strategic planning process.  

In January, Texas A&M University leaders along with educators, business owners, college presidents, chancellors, medical doctors, and others from around the state met at the Museum of Fine Arts in Houston to participate in the first phase of the Texas Medical Center’s strategic planning process.

“The Texas Medical Center is arguably the single greatest collection of expertise, research, education, and clinical care in the world,” said Dr. Robert C. Robbins, president and CEO of the Texas Medical Center and the organizer of the event.  Dr. Robbins discussed how leading institutions, on both the east and west coasts, are joining forces and formulating unified approaches to advance research and discovery.  He called us all together to begin the strategic planning process of creating a “third coast” of life sciences.  He asked us all to “reach beyond convention and historical differences and imagine the possibilities that could be derived from our collective synergies.” 

Our two-day strategic planning retreat involved the presentation of a stakeholder vision assessment, community leader panel discussions, a presentation of five preliminary themes, external trends, benchmarks and a discussion on vision, themes and next steps.  We came away from the retreat inspired and energized about the future of executing a shared vision.  As we continue the work of positioning the Texas Medical Center and Houston, as the world’s life sciences leader; we will share the progress, and the benefits of this collaboration with each of you and with the communities we serve.

Groundbreaking and Grand Opening

The groundbreaking for the new Veterinary & Biomedical Education Complex and the grand opening of the Thomas G. Hildebrand DVM '56 Equine Complex will take place on Wednesday, April 30.  We look forward to our staff, faculty, administrators and students participating in the events. More information on the activities will be posted in the next few weeks.



Dr. Andersson awarded Wolf Prize

Dr. Leif Andersson was chosen as a recipient of the 2014 Wolf Prize in Agriculture in January.


Equine Skills Lab

Once again, our students hosted an incredible equine skills lab providing opportunities for students at Texas A&M and around the country to participate in hands-on training. Congratulations and thank you to everyone who participated! 



Medical Spanish is now taught as a required course for veterinary students.

For the first time, medical Spanish was taught as a core class in the CVM curriculum this fall, with every second year veterinary student participating in 18 hours of classroom instruction


Thank You!

Thank you to everyone who helped with the interview process for the 225 applicants Class of 2018 who were interviewed in January. Special thanks go to the members of the selection committee: Steven Brinsko, Alice Blue-Mclendon, E. Murl Bailey, Fred Clubb, Audrey Cook, Leslie Easterwood, Stacy Eckman, Anton Hoffman, Elizabeth Jeter, Glennon Mays, Laura Peycke, and Michelle Pine.


Upcoming Events

Debbye Turner Bell, DVM to present an Enhancing Diversity Seminar
Friday, February 7

Department of Biology Seminar - What drives sleep: wake cycles: cellular and molecular underpinnings in a Drosophila model
Tuesday, February 11

Last day to apply for all degrees to be awarded in May without a late fee

Friday, February 14

Congratulations to CVM Research Symposium Award Recipients

High Impact Achievement: First Author Publication
Yang Gao
(Qinglei Li)
Randi Gold
(Sara Lawhon)
Fengguang Guo
(Guan Zhu)
Anas Khanshour
(Already Graduated)
Sara Mashoof
(Michael Criscitiello)
Jessica Rodriguez
(Karen Snowden)
Gang Wang
(James Cai)
Katherine Zychowski
(Timothy Phillips)

High Impact Achievement: Small Grant
Miranda Bertram
(Sarah Hamer)
Laura Bryan
(Sara Lawhon)
Jessica Rodriguez
(Karen Snowden)

High Impact Achievement:  Large Grant
Rachana Bhattarai
Christine Budke)
Rachel Curtis
(Sarah Hamer)
Shehnaz Lokhandwala
(Waithaka Mwangi)
Sabrina Vobornik
(Mary Nabity)
Wei Ying
(Fuller Bazer)

Graduate Student Platform Presentation
Lisbeth Ramirez-Carvajal:  1st
(Charles Long)
Rachel Curtis:  2nd
(Sarah Hamer)
Vijay Nair:  3rd
(Stephen Safe)

Graduate Student Poster Presentation
David Morris:  1st
(Gonzalo Rivera)
Alvin Tang:  2nd
(Gonzalo Rivera)
Julia Honneffer:  2nd
(Jan Suchodolski)

Postdoctoral Platform Presentation
Jessica Hokamp:  1st
(Mary Nabity)
Sankar Chaki:  2nd
(Gonzalo Rivera)

Postdoctoral Poster Presentation
Sandeep Sreevalsan:  1st
(Stephen Safe)
Jesse Grayton:  2nd
(Heather Wilson-Robles)

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