Canine IBD



We are currently enrolling dogs with chronic gastrointestinal inflammation into a research study for investigation of novel inflammatory markers to help diagnose infiltrative histological changes.

Eligible patients

  • Dogs with chronic enteropathies that undergo a complete diagnostic workup
    • Including gastrointestinal biopsies for histopathology
  • Can include antibiotic or food responsive enteropathies, or idiopathic IBD
  • Not breed-specific (dogs of any breed/signalment are eligible to enter)

Samples needed

  • 1 serum sample (at least 3 mL)
  • 1 EDTA blood sample (3 mL; as well as copies of recent CBCs, if available)
  • 3 fecal samples from consecutive bowel movements
  • 1 urine sample
  • GI biopsies for histopathology (or a copy of the histopathology report, if biopsies were obtained prior to enrollment)

We will cover the costs for

We offer this up to 3 times per patient (initial presentation and up to 2 rechecks).

Turnaround times

  • Same as regular sample submissions to the GI Lab
  • Usually next day for cobalamin, folate, TLI, PLI, and gastrin
  • Up to 7-10 days for CRP and Alpha1-PI, depending on day of sample submission
  • ~3-4 days for histopathology

If you are interested in enrolling one of your patients, please contact Dr. Panpicha Sattasathuchana by e-mail for further details.

Please note: If you are the owner of the dog and not a veterinarian, please have your veterinarian contact Dr. Sattasathuchana.