Cobalamin Malabsorption in the Shar-Pei

Gastrointestinal problems are commonly encountered in Chinese Shar-Pei dogs, and many of these dogs have a subnormal serum cobalamin concentration but normal pancreatic function. Almost 70% of serum samples from Shar-Peis tested at the GI Lab have subnormal cobalamin concentrations. In nearly 50% of these patients serum cobalamin is undetectable, an uncommon finding in the dog. We therefore strongly recommend measurement of the serum cobalamin concentration in any Shar-Pei with clinical signs compatible with small intestinal disease. We are currently conducting a study to investigate the basis for the frequent and severe cobalamin deficiency in this breed, and would appreciate your help. Please contact us if you would like to have a Shar-Pei patient tested so we can determine whether the dog is eligible to enroll in the study. If the owner of the dog decides to participate in the study, all that is required is a single blood sample. We greatly appreciate your help with this study.

If you have a patient that you feel would be a candidate, please
contact us at the following email address: