Feline hepatic lipidosis

We are currently enrolling cats for a study into feline hepatic lipidosis

Aims- To assess vitamin B status in cats with feline hepatic lipidosis (FHL).

Patient eligibility- Cats diagnosed with FHL. This diagnosis must be supported by hepatic cytological or histological findings. Cats that have received cobalamin or folic acid supplementation in the previous 8 weeks are not eligible for inclusion in the study.

Require samples- Blood and urine.

Time points- The time of diagnosis, 2 weeks later, and 4 weeks later. The cats may have received cobalamin and folic acid supplementation at the time points 2 and 4 weeks after diagnosis.

Client incentive- At each time point serum cobalamin, folate, fTLI, and Spec fPL will be measured free of charge. The cost of shipping samples will also be covered by the study.

If you have a cat that may be eligible for this study please ask your veterinarian to contact me by email (jlidbury@cvm.tamu.edu). If your cat can be enrolled in the study I will send them a client consent form, further information regarding sample requirements, and a prepaid shipping label.