Mohammad Refaat Khattab

Mohammad Khattab Mohammad Refaat is a unique blend of experience in Veterinary Medical Sciences, Pharmaceutical Industry Business and Management; Mohammad earned his BVSc from Cairo University in Giza, Egypt in 1997 and appointed as Internal Medicine Instructor at the dept. of Internal Medicine and Infectious Diseases and received his MVSc in Large Animal Internal Medicine and his PhD in Small Animal Internal Medicine from the same university where he works assistant professor for Veterinary Internal Medicine.

He was COO for a tier one Egyptian pharmaceutical company and also was responsible for sales and marketing support of neuropsychiatry products at Bristol- Myers Squibb – Egypt, in addition to many senior leadership positions in the state of Egypt as Minister Adviser for Administration Development Ministry and Deputy Minister for Human and Administration Development - Ministry of Youth & Sports.

Mohammad joined GI Lab team, Dept. of Small Animal Clinical Sciences at September, 2016 as Post Doc Research Associate after 6 months from his residency as research scholar at GI Lab - studying Gut Microbiome - Host Immune System Relationship in order to develop new diagnostic markers and to create new therapeutic interventions; he lives now in College Station, TX with his wife; daughter and son.

Mohammad has a profound intercultural experience as he worked in many countries and attended a vast array of international conferences in Greece, Turkey, Spain, Netherlands, Russia, Tunisia, Czech Republic, India, Ukraine, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Jordan, Oman, Yemen, Sudan, Libya, Thailand, Malaysia, Germany, UK and the USA.

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