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Daniel Resnick Memorial Scholarship

Posted July 02, 2012

Daniel Resnick Memorial Scholarship

Daniel Resnick dreamed of becoming a veterinarian ever since he was a teenager. With hard work and determination, Daniel earned a coveted interview for acceptance into veterinary school. Two days before his interview, he passed away unexpectedly. However, his passion for veterinary medicine will continue to inspire future generations of veterinary medical students thanks to the Daniel Resnick Memorial Scholarship established in his memory at the College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences (CVM).

To honor Daniel's memory, an endowed scholarship for $25,000 has been established by his parents, Steve and Holly Resnick, along with contributions from family and friends, and  colleagues at Emerson, and Emerson's matching gift program. Beginning Spring 2012, this fund has begun to provide an annual award of $1,000 to one full-time veterinary student enrolled at the CVM selected by the scholarship committee.

This scholarship is a gift to one Aggie in memory of another. Daniel Resnick's association with Texas A&M University goes back a long way. He worked with Dr. Scott Grant, a veterinarian from the CVM (Class 0f '91) , to learn more about the profession. He completed his undergraduate degree and was working toward his Master's degree in biomedical sciences when he passed away. He was later awarded the degree posthumously in May 2011 after an appeal submitted by his professors.

"Daniel never met anybody who did not become his friend immediately," Steve Resnick said. "He was a very motivated and positive young man who always had a smile on his face," he added.  His father describes him as a true Aggie who went to Fish Camp, loved football, and was deeply influenced by A&M culture. Even people who met Daniel for a short time felt that they had known him forever.

Daniel Resnick was known as someone who always found a way to help people. He was a member of PALS ® Peer Assistance and Leadership program where he tutored students in need.

"Daniel's goal in life was to help people, and this scholarship is an extension of his spirit," Steve Resnick said. This scholarship is open to all full-time veterinary students at the CVM and can be applied for  via the scholarship portal on the college website. The Resnicks hope that the awardees of this scholarship have "the courage to dream and the determination to succeed in reaching their goals."

The generosity of the Resnicks and their friends has been inspiring to many, and the contributions represent a testament to the drive and motivation of this bright student.

"There was a great outpouring of compassion from family and friends on behalf of Daniel. Many people who knew the Resnicks well called here, and wanted to contribute to the scholarship," said Dr. Guy Sheppard, director of Development and Alumni Relations at the CVM.  "It is inspiring to see how generous people can be when they see something they believe in."

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