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Biomedical Genomics and Bioinformatics

Faculty members in this group are engaged in understanding the structure and function of genomes and the evolutionary relationships between genes and proteins. In order to understand these relationships, genomics investigators utilize computer science, mathematics, statistics and engineering principles to interpret genomic data.   Areas of research include comparative, functional, conservation, population and computational genomics, phylogenomics and genome evolution, immnogenomics and epigenomics.

The goal of the Biomedical Genomics and Bioinformatics Track is to prepare doctoral and masters students for research careers that integrate the basic principles of biomedical genomics and bioinformatics with modern biotechnologies.  The student, in consultation with their graduate committee, will choose additional elective.

Required Coursework

Students will be required to take the following course as part of the track:

VTPB 689 Concepts and Applications in Mammalian Genomics


The following courses are commonly used electives for the degree:

GENE 620 Cytogenetics
GENE 612 Population Genetics
BIOL 650 Genomics
VIBS 613 Evolutionary Bioinformatics
ENTO/GENE 606 Quantitative Phylogenetics
BIOL 652 Epigenetic Mechanisms
VIBS 690 Theory of Research
GENE 613 Quantitative Genetics

Track Faculty

Below is a list of faculty in the College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences that are affiliated with the Biomedical Genomics and Bioinformatics track.

Leif Andersson

Ulfar Bergthorsson

James Cai

James Derr

Scott Dindot

Ivan Ivanov

Vaishali Katju

Bill Murphy

Weston Porter

Terje Raudsepp

Monique Rijnkles

Ivan Rusyn

Paul Samollow

Christopher Seabury

Loren Skow

David Threadgill

Raj Venkatraj

James Womack