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Clinical and Translational Sciences

Faculty members in this group are engaged in research that involves the study of spontaneous disease in client-owned animals, research in experimental animals that can be directly applied to patients with spontaneous disease, and the development of novel diagnostic tests and the development of new therapeutic strategies.  Areas of research include clinical trials in neurology, oncology, cardiology, orthopedics/stem cells, and internal medicine as well as diagnostics and therapeutics for gastrointestinal, renal, orthopedic/regenerative medicine, and reproductive disorders.

The goal of the Clinical and Translational Sciences Track is to prepare doctoral and masters students for research careers that integrate the basic principles of clinical and translational sciences with modern biotechnologies.The student, in consultation with their graduate committee, will choose additional electives.

Required Coursework

Students will be required to take the following course as part of the track:

VIBS 608 Epidemiologic Methods I OR STAT 652 Statistics in Research II


The following courses are commonly used electives for the degree:

STAT 652 Statistics in Research II
BICH 605 Methods of Biochemical Analysis
VPAT 640 Advanced Mechanisms of Disease
PHEB 609 Categorical Data Analysis
VPAT 641 Systemic Pathology I
VPAT 651 Systemic Pathology II
VPAT 642 Mechanisms of Metabolic Disease
VTMI 662 Advanced Immunologic Concepts (Multiple Topics)
VIBS 608 Epidemiology Methods I
VIBS 610 Epidemiologic Methods II & Data Analysis

Track Faculty

Below is a list of faculty in the College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences that are affiliated with the Clinical and Translational Sciences track.

Wesley Bissett

Steven Brinsko

Keith Chaffin

Fred Clubb

Michelle Coleman

Brandon Dominguez

John Edwards

Dana Gaddy

Jay Griffin

Joanne Hardy

Cristine Heaps

Unity Jeffrey

Mark Johnson

Meredyth Jones

Gwen Levine

Charles Love

Joanne Mansell

Glennon Mays

Jeffrey Musser

Mary Nabity

Brian Porter

Dan Posey

Raquel Rech

Aline Rodrigues-Hoffmann

Juan Romano


Karen Russell

Sarah Sampson

Larry Suva

James Thompson

Dickson Varner

Tracy Vemulapalli

Kevin Washburn

Jeffrey Watkins

Ashlee Watts

Brad Weeks

Canaan Whitfield