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Infection and Immunity

Faculty members in this group are engaged in research that integrates multidisciplinary research in animal, human and ecosystem health involving mechanistic studies of microorganisms and disease, host-pathogen interactions, the immune system and immunological disorders.  Areas of research include infectious and zoonotic diseases, vaccines, adjuvants and diagnostics development, comparative, developmental and clinical aspects of immunology, bacteriology, virology, parasitology, and pathobiology.

The goal of the Infection and Immunity Track is to prepare doctoral and masters students for research careers that integrate the basic principles of infection and immunity with modern biotechnologies.  The student, in consultation with their graduate committee, will choose additional electives.

Required Coursework

Students will be required to take the following course as part of the track:

VTMI 649 Immunology


The following courses are commonly used electives for the degree:

VPAR 601 Parasitic Helminthology
VPAR 604 Parasitic Protozoology
VPAR 605 Molecular Immuno and Parasitology
VTMI 662 Advanced Concepts in Immunology
VTMI 615 Comparative Immunology and Immunogenetics
438 Biomedical Virology
647 Virology
VTMI 643 Pathologic Bacteriology I
VTMI 650 Experimental Immunology
MMPA 602 Immunoregulation

Track Faculty

Below is a list of faculty in the College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences that are affiliated with the Infection and Immunity track.

Garry Adams

Angela Arenas

Donald Brightsmith

Noah Cohen

Walt Cook

Michael Criscitiello

Paul de Figueiredo

Maria Esteve-Gassent

Thomas Ficht

Ann Kier

Sarah Lawhon

Linda Logan

Blanca Lupiani

Albert Mulenga

Susan Payne

Sanjay Reddy

Artem Rogovskyy

H. Morgan Scott

Roger Smith

Karen Snowden

Deborah Threadgill

Ian Tizard

Ramesh Vemulapalli

Guan Zhu