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Physiology and Developmental Biology

The Physiology and Developmental Biology track is intended for students interested in exploring the functions of body systems and determining how both genetic and epigenetic pathways govern the differentiation of cells, tissues, and organs. The program is composed of a diverse group of investigators with interests in understanding mammalian development, the physiological function of organ systems and the integration of these disciplines into regenerative medicine. For prospective students, the educational opportunities provided in this track are unrivaled across the country. Faculty members combine state-of-the-art technologies and expertise, from a wide range of biological fields, including neuroscience, reproductive biology, development biology, cardiovascular sciences, regenerative medicine, as well as pharmacology and cell biology.

The goal of the Physiology and Developmental Biology Track is to prepare doctoral and masters students for research careers that integrate the basic principles of physiology and developmental biology with modern biotechnologies. The student, in consultation with their graduate committee, will choose additional electives. Students in this track are expected to acquire and demonstrate coherent knowledge of integrated physiological systems at several distinct levels: organ function, cell and tissue behavior, and sub-cellular-molecular processes.

Required Coursework

Students will be required to take the following course as part of the track:

VTPP 623 Biomedical Physiology OR VTPP 652 Fetal and Embryo Physiology


The following courses are commonly used electives for the degree:

VIBS 602 Histology
VIBS 604 Neuroendocrine Anatomy
VIBS 690 Theory of Research
VTPP 652 Fetal and Embryo Physiology
VTPB 615 Immunogenetics and Comparative Immunology
BIOL 614 Signaling and Development
BIOL 644 Neurodevelopment
VIBS 603 Neuroanatomy
VIBS 604 Endocrine Disorders
VTMI 662 Advanced Immunological Concepts, Reproductive Immunology

Track Faculty

Below is a list of faculty in the College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences that are affiliated with the Physiology and Developmental Biology track.

Louise Abbott

Joe Arosh

Murl Bailey

Sakhila Banu-Arosh

Alice Blue-McLendon

Candice Brinkmeyer-Langford

Robert Burghardt

Weihsueh Chiu

Les Dees

Ranjeet Dongaonkar

Virginia Fajt

Tamy Frank-Cannon

Dana Gaddy

Michael Golding

Guichun Han

Cristine Heaps

James Herman

Cheryl Herman

Katrin Hinrichs

Anton Hoffman

Greg Johnson

Larry Johnson

Daniel Jones

Gladys Ko

Joe Kornegay

Duane Kraemer

Glen Laine

Jianrong Li

Qinglei Li

Charles Long

Ken Muneoka

Annie Newell-Fugate

Peter Nghiem

Carly Patterson

Timothy Phillips

Michelle Pine

Christopher Quick

Jayanth Ramadoss

Gonzalo Rivera

Lynn Ruoff

Stephen Safe

Friedhelm Schroeder

John Stallone

Randolph Stewart

George Stoica

Larry Suva

Yanan Tian

Shannon Washburn

Jeremy Wasser

Jane Welsh

Mark Westhusin