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Prospective Graduate Students

Graduate education advances original research and knowledge to promote the health of animals and humans through a range of MS degrees that can have a Thesis Option (TO) or Non-Thesis Option (NTO) and PhD degrees. Each of the five departments within the College award an MS or PhD in Biomedical Sciences (BIMS), and there are additional departmental and interdisciplinary programs of study to fit a variety of interests. You can view a list of these programs of study at the Degrees Offered link.

A major objective of graduate education through any CVM degree is to emphasize critical thinking, creativity, analysis, and good scientific judgment. The CVM faculty members accomplish this by fostering a classroom and laboratory atmosphere that is investigatory, challenging, confidence-building, and scholarly. Beyond the extensive mentorship available from graduate faculty members active in ongoing research projects, students participate in CVM and TAMU-sponsored symposia and conferences, as well as regional and national meetings.

The graduate student experience involves additional engagement with professionals and peers through the Graduate Student Association (GSA), opportunities to develop effective teaching skills through the Center for Teaching Excellence and the Graduate Teaching Academy, and involvement opportunities in a number of student organizations.

An explanation of the Admissions Process and additional information about the MS and PhD programs can be found at the links on the left sidebar.

If you have additional questions after reviewing the information available on the website, please feel free to contact the Academic Advisor for Graduate Studies, David Kessler.


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