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Names, Abbreviations, Mission Statement, and Tag Lines

For formal uses and on first reference within written pieces, our full name should be used:
"Texas A&M University College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences."
(Please note that the use of the "&" between "Medicine & Biomedical" is correct, while spelling out "and" is not.)

Acceptable Shortened Second Reference

"Texas A&M Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences."

Other informal options include:

  • "Texas A&M VetMed & BIMS"
  • "Texas A&M Veterinary Medicine" (when referring only to the professional program)
  • "Texas A&M Biomedical Sciences" (when referring only to the undergraduate and graduate programs).

Acceptable Abbreviations

  • "CVM"
  • "VetMed"
  • "BIMS"

Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital

The name of our hospital is the "Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital" and the acceptable abbreviation is "VMTH." When communicating about the Large Animal and Small Animal sections of the VMTH, please refer to them as the "Large Animal Hospital" (LAH) and the "Small Animal Hospital" (SAH). (Please note that the word "hospital" is correct, while the use of "clinic" is not.)

CVM Mission Statement

"At the Texas A&M University College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences, we support collaboration and teamwork that develops today's discoveries into proactive solutions for the benefit of animal, environmental, and public health, through our teaching, research, service, and outreach-impacting every Texan, every day."

CVM Tag Lines

  • "Making a Difference in Veterinary Medicine"
  • "Creating a healthier future one discovery at a time"
  • "Creating a healthier future one student at a time"
  • "Discovering tomorrow's health solutions today"
  • "Taking a healthy interest in a healthier future"
  • "Impacting world health from bench to bedside"