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VetMed Lockup

VetMed Lockup

The VetMed lockup is the official identifying mark, or "logo," representing the CVM. It consists of the Block TAM and the words "Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences" typeset in all caps, to the right or beneath, in a stylized version of Frutiger, the TAMU Brand Guide approved sans serif typeface. "Texas A&M University" is then typset beneath the college name in New Baskerville, the TAMU Brand Guide approved serif font.

The primary signature is the horizontal version. However, if design dictates, a suitable alternative is provided. If at all possible the Aggie Maroon versions should be used. White versions are for use on fields of Aggie Maroon. There is also a black version for use on pieces that will not be printed or viewed in color.

Area of Isolation

VetMed lockups should be placed on pieces within an approximate isolation area of 0.25" on all sides, when used at full size.