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Faculty with Regional Interest

Louise Abbott

Countries of InterestEgypt, Nepal, Pakistan
Professional Areas of InterestToxicology, Neuroscience
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Garry Adams

Countries of InterestArgentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Malawi, Mexico, Peru, South Africa
Professional Areas of InterestImmunology, Cell Biology, Genomics, Infectious Disease, Pathology, Microbiology, Biodefense, Food Animal, Education, Anatomic Pathology
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Angela Arenas

Countries of InterestArgentina, Brazil, Colombia, Ethiopia, Kenya, South Africa, Tanzania
Professional Areas of InterestImmunology, Infectious Disease, Anatomic Pathology
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Clay Ashley

Countries of InterestChina, Ethiopia, Mongolia
Professional Areas of InterestPublic Health, Production Medicine, Laboratory Animal Medicine, Food Animal
TeachingServed as guest lecturer to senior veterinary students at the Mongolian College of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia from 2002-2003; guest lecturer to veterinary students at the QianNan Prefecture College of Veterinary Technology in Duyun City, Guizhou Province, China from 2007-2008.
ActivitiesStarted a mixed animal veterinary training center in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolian to provide "hands-on" training to Mongolian veterinary students and veterinarians; helped start a beef cattle farm in Guizhou Province, China.
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James Barr

Countries of InterestBulgaria, Japan, Taiwan, Province Of China
Professional Areas of InterestMedicine
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Fuller Bazer

Countries of InterestIreland, Republic of Korea
Professional Areas of InterestImmunology, Reproductive Biology, Cell Biology, Physiology, Food Animal, Education

Ireland - Chair, External Scientific Advisory Board, Reproductive Biology Research Cluster Group, University College Dublin and collaborator on functional genomics of uterus and conceptus during the peri-implantation period of pregnancy in dairy and beef cattle. I spend 3 to 5 days per year at University College Dublin reviewing programs and planning experiments. Personnel from UC Dublin visit Texas A&M University to learn techniques in my laboratory.

Republic of Korea - serves as part-time as a professor in the WCU Program in Biomodulation that is in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences at Seoul National University and director of the Laboratory of Reproductive Biology. (Please contact Dr. Bazer for more information regarding his role here.)

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Bikash Bhattarai

Countries of InterestNepal
Professional Areas of InterestEpidemiology, Public Health
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Alice Blue-McLendon

Countries of InterestSouth Africa
Professional Areas of InterestPhysiology, Zoo, Exotic and Wildlife Medicine
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Donald Brightsmith

Countries of InterestCosta Rica, Peru
Professional Areas of InterestEnvironmental Health, Infectious Disease, Ecology
ResearchTambopata Macaw Project - The Tambopata Macaw Project is a long term research project on the ecology and conservation of macaws and parrots in the lowlands of southeastern Peru. The goal of the project is to generate information on wild macaws and parrots macaws and use this information to improve the health and welfare of captive birds and aid the conservation of wild birds throughout the tropics. Research, independent study, rotation and internship opportunities are available through this program.

Costa Rica Biomedical Sciences program This program provides required "core" courses and key electives for students working towards a degree in Biomedical Sciences along with Pre-Meds, Pre-Vets, and others from any major who want to take a semester abroad while still advancing their degree plan. Students will receive an in depth introduction to Costa Rican and Latin American health, conservation, culture, and nature, then learn and use Spanish through a combination of classes and home stays. Immunology and Physiological Chemistry will be taught with a "Latin flavor" to show how these sciences are applicable to Costa Rica and the world outside the classroom. Students will engage in many field trips to national parks, schools, beaches, clinics, markets, zoo, etc to learn about the health and conservation issues facing Latin America today.

Amazon Field School ABS Field School in the Peruvian Amazon introduces students to the social and biological realities of conservation and research in Latin America. Students have firsthand investigation into key resource management systems, and apply conservation research techniques. Students complete case studies of important resources found in lowland tropical forests of southeastern Peru. Students interact with a mix of native peoples, colonists, conservation organizations, loggers, gold miners, and eco-tourism experts.

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Christine Budke

Countries of InterestArgentina, China, Mexico, Mongolia, Peru, Switzerland
Professional Areas of InterestEpidemiology, Public Health
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Sankar Chaki

Countries of InterestBangladesh
Professional Areas of InterestCell Biology, Infectious Disease
Selective Publications1. Arenas-Gamboa AM, Rossetti CA, Chaki SP, Garcia-Gonzalez DG, Adam LG, and Ficht TA (2016) Human Brucellosis and Adverse Pregnancy Outcomes. Curr Trop Med Rep (DOI 10.1007/s40475-016- 0092-0).
 2. Chaki SP, Barhoumi R and Rivera GM (2015) Cytoskeletal remodeling by Nck regulate endothelial lumen formation and promote angiogenesis. Mol. Biol. Cell. 26: 3047-3060. Cover page image.
 3. Lee HS, Cheerathodi M, Chaki SP, Reyes SB, Zheng Y, Lu Z, Paidassi H, DerMardirossian C, Hulbert AL, Rivera GM and McCarty J (2015) PTP-PEST and ß8 Integrin Regulate Spatiotemporal Patterns of RhoGDI1 Activation in Migrating Cells. Mol. Cell. Biol. 35:1401-13.
 4. Chaki SP and Rivera GM (2013) Integration of Signaling and Cytoskeletal Remodeling by Nck in Directional Cell Migration. BioArchitecture. 3: 57-63.
 5. Chaki SP, Barhoumi R, Sreenivasappa H, Trache A, Gomez SM and Rivera GM (2013) Nck enables directional cell migration through the coordination of polarized membrane protrusion with adhesion dynamics. J. Cell. Sci. 126:1637-1649.
 6. Misro MM and Chaki SP (2008) Development of a rapid, sensitive and reproducible laboratory test kit for the assessment of plasma membrane integrity of human sperms. Fertility & Sterility 89 (1): 223-7.
 7. Chaki SP, Misro MM, Gautam DK, Ghosh D and Chainy GB (2006) Estradiol treatment induces testicular oxidative stress and germ cell apoptosis in rats. Apoptosis 11:1427-37.
 8. Chaki SP, Misro MM, Ghosh D, Dinesh K Gautam & Srinivas M (2005) Apoptosis and cell removal in the cryptorchid rat testis. Apoptosis 10 (2): 395-405.
 9. Chaki SP, Ghosh D and Misro MM (2003) Simultaneous increase in germ cell apoptosis and oxidative stress under acute unilateral testicular ischemia in rats. Int. J. Androl 26: 319-328.
 10. Chaki SP, Das HC and Misro MM (2003) A short-term evaluation of semen and accessory sex gland function in phase III trial subjects receiving intravasal contraceptive RISUG. Contraception 67:73-78.
 11. Chaki SP and Misro MM (2002) Assessment of human sperm function after hydrogen peroxide exposure: development of a vaginal contraceptive. Contraception 66: 187-192.
 1. Pandey A, Ding SL, Qin QM, Gupta R, Gomez G, Lin F, Feng X, Fachini da Costa L, Chaki SP, Katepalli M, Case ED, van Schaik EJ, Sidiq T, Khalaf O, Arenas A, Kobayashi KS, Samuel JE, Rivera GM, Alaniz RC, Sze SH, Qian X, Brown WJ, Rice-Ficht A, Russell WK, Ficht TA, de Figueiredo P (2017) Global Reprogramming of Host Kinase Signaling in Response to Fungal Infection. Cell Host Microbe. 2017 May 10; 21(5):637-649. Journal cover page image.
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Noah Cohen

Countries of InterestBrazil, Canada, France, Poland, Switzerland, United Kingdom
Professional Areas of InterestEpidemiology, Infectious Disease, Medicine, Microbiology
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Thomas Craig

Countries of InterestColombia, Denmark, Grenada, Guyana, Macedonia, Mali, New Zealand, Slovenia
Professional Areas of InterestEpidemiology, Genomics, Infectious Disease, Public Health, Parasitology, Ecology, Production Medicine, Zoo, Exotic and Wildlife Medicine, Food Animal
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Michael Criscitiello

Countries of InterestBrazil, Mexico, Taiwan, Province Of China
Professional Areas of InterestImmunology, Toxicology, Genomics, Genetics, Infectious Disease, Education
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James Derr

Countries of InterestBotswana, Cameroon, Central African Republic, Congo, Costa Rica, Ethiopia, Mozambique, Namibia, South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia
Professional Areas of InterestGenomics, Genetics, Infectious Disease
TeachingUndergraduate, Graduate and Professional Veterinary Students interested in Conservation Medicine and Genetics.
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Maria Esteve-Gassent

Countries of InterestBrazil, China, Czech Republic, Egypt, Mexico, Spain, Tunisia
Professional Areas of InterestInfectious Disease, Pathology, Microbiology

Brazil: Interest in the presence of pathogenic Borrelia species in sinantropic bats in Paraná, Brazil. Our research team will be acquiring blood and tissue samples from bats as well as ecto-parasites feeding on those bats to analyze the presence of pathogenic Borrelia. Our collaborators in Brazil have found Borrelia spp in bats blood and they are interested in determine whether those Borrelia species are pathogenic for humans and life stock, due to the high density of bats in that particular area, and the impact they can have on human and veterinary health.

Mexico: Study of Lyme disease in Center and Northern Mexico. During the Mid 1990’s there was a number of Lyme disease cases diagnosed in Central Mexico, and the numbers have been increasing considerably during the past few years. Our collaborators are scientist and physicians at the Pediatric Hospital in the Centro Médico Nacioal SXXI (IMSS) The objectives of this project are to analyze the expression of selected Borrelia-virulence markers associated with European and US borreliosis in tissues of potential reservoirs and vectors (ticks), and to determine regions of high-risk for Lyme disease in Mexico. The rationale is: we have documented B. burgdorferi infection in Mexican patients with clinical manifestations similar to those reported in both, US and Europe (Mexico diagnostic reference laboratory, unpublished).

Spain: Study of Membrane proteins of Borrelia burgdorferi, the causative agent of Lyme disease. Our collaborator is at the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology in the University of Valencia. Their expertise is in the study of hydrophobic domains of proteins and the study of their topology when associated to membranes.

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Virginia Fajt

Countries of InterestGermany, Italy
Professional Areas of InterestPharmacology, Food Animal, Education
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Thomas Ficht

Countries of InterestArgentina, Israel, Mexico
Professional Areas of InterestImmunology, Cell Biology, Genomics, Genetics, Infectious Disease, Public Health, Pathology, Microbiology, Biodefense
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Barbara Gastel

Countries of InterestBangladesh, China, Kenya, Mexico, Rwanda, Sri Lanka
Professional Areas of InterestScience/Tech Journalism, Education
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Jay Griffin

Countries of InterestHaiti, Mongolia
Professional Areas of InterestNeuroscience, Neurology, Diagnostic Imaging, Radiology
ResearchRadiology and MRI
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James Herman

Countries of InterestItaly, United Kingdom
Professional Areas of InterestPhysiology
ActivitiesTeach physiology to US undergraduate (BIMS) and veterinary students and Italian veterinary students in English in both Italy at the University of Padova's School of Veterinary Medicine and in at TAMU. Also have taught pharmacology to BIMS students and Italian veterinary students at the University of Padova.
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Sharman Hoppes

Countries of InterestPeru
Professional Areas of InterestZoo, Exotic and Wildlife Medicine, Avian Medicine
ResearchConservation of parrots, nutrition, grow of chicks, parasite loads and health of large parrots in the wild as well as effects of tourism on conservation
Teaching4th year DVM rotations in Peru, teaching conservation and field medicine and research.
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Ivan Ivanov

Countries of InterestArgentina, Brazil, Bulgaria
Professional Areas of InterestToxicology, Environmental Health, Genomics, Public Health, Pharmacology
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Nicholas Jeffery

Countries of InterestUnited Kingdom
Professional Areas of InterestNeurology
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Meredyth Jones

Countries of InterestMongolia
Professional Areas of InterestMedicine, Lameness, Field Service (Livestock), Production Medicine, Food Animal, Education
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Rosina C (Tammi) Krecek

Countries of InterestAustralia, Canada, Caribbean, China, Kenya, Mali, Mexico, Mozambique, Namibia, Nigeria, Saint Kitts And Nevis, Scotland, South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda, United Kingdom, United States
Professional Areas of InterestInfectious Disease, Public Health, Parasitology, Microbiology, Biodefense, Food Animal, Education
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Mauricio Lepiz

Countries of InterestArgentina, Australia, Costa Rica, Spain
Professional Areas of InterestAnesthesia
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Linda Logan

Countries of InterestAfghanistan, Egypt, Ethiopia, Iraq, Kenya, Mali, Pakistan, Senegal
Professional Areas of InterestInfectious Disease, Public Health, Parasitology, Pathology, Medicine, Biodefense, Disaster Management, Zoo, Exotic and Wildlife Medicine
ActivitiesCVM Director of International Programs. Seeking new global opportunity for faculty and students. Experience with regulatory medicine at state, federal and international level. Organized animal health strategic planning for countries in conflict and capacity building workshops and training for developing countries for trans-boundary diseases diagnostics and surveillance, biosecurity and preparedness.
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Charles Love

Countries of InterestArgentina, Germany, Italy, United Kingdom
Professional Areas of InterestReproductive Biology
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Cassidy McCarthy

Countries of InterestIreland
Professional Areas of InterestInfectious Disease, Medicine, Virology
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Albert Mulenga

Countries of InterestAngola, Botswana, Brazil, Mexico, Mozambique, South Africa, Tanzania, Zambia, Zimbabwe
Professional Areas of InterestGenomics, Parasitology
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Jeffrey Musser

Countries of InterestKenya
Professional Areas of InterestInfectious Disease, Pharmacology, Microbiology, Food Animal
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Waithaka Mwangi

Countries of InterestArgentina, Kenya, Mexico, United Kingdom
Professional Areas of InterestImmunology, Infectious Disease, Biodefense, Food Animal
  • Collaborates with researchers at the International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI) in Nairobi, Kenya in areas of diagnostics and vaccine development of African swine fever an d East Coast fever.
  • Collaborates with researchers at the Laboratorio de Inmunología, Centro de Investigación en Alimentación y Desarrollo in Sonora, Mexico trying to develop an effective vaccine against Porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus
  • Collaborates with researchers at the Instituto de Virología, Buenos Aires, Argentina in developing an effective vaccine against Foot and Mouth Dissease
  • Collaborates with researchers at The Roslin Institute, University of Edinburgh, UK in the area of vaccine efficacy enhancement
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Annie Newell-Fugate

Countries of InterestParaguay, South Africa, Tanzania
Professional Areas of InterestReproductive Biology, Physiology
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Raquel Rech

Countries of InterestBrazil
Professional Areas of InterestAnatomic Pathology
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Nicola Ritter

Countries of InterestChina, CÔte D'ivoire, Ghana, Pakistan, Sierra Leone
Professional Areas of InterestEducation
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Aline Rodrigues Hoffmann

Countries of InterestBrazil
Professional Areas of InterestToxicology, Infectious Disease, Pathology, Microbiology, Virology, Dermatology, Anatomic Pathology
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Juan Romano

Countries of InterestArgentina, Brazil, Chile, France, Germany, Italy, Paraguay, Peru, Spain, Uruguay
Professional Areas of InterestReproductive Biology, Field Service (Livestock), Production Medicine, Food Animal
TeachingAnimal reproduction. Theriogenology in large and small ruminants.
ResearchEstrous synchronization protocols. Endocrine profiles of estrous cycle in ruminants. Protocols of freezing semen. Embryo transfer in ruminants. Artificial insemination in large and small ruminants (vaginal, cervical and intrauterine). Pregnancy specific proteins of pregnancy. Pregnancy loss in ruminants
Additional EducationLaboratoire pour le Contrôle des Reproducteurs, Paris – France, Ruminant Reproduction, 1986-1987; National Livestock Breeding Center – Fukushima – Japan, Advanced Technology in Cattle Reproduction, 1991; Resident in Food Animal Theriogenology, Texas A&M University, 1998-2000
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Allen Roussel

Countries of InterestFrance, Germany, Italy, Spain, United Kingdom
Professional Areas of InterestInfectious Disease, Medicine, Food Animal
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H. Morgan Scott

Countries of InterestCanada, Colombia, Ecuador, France, Netherlands, United States, Uruguay
Professional Areas of InterestEpidemiology, Food Safety, Infectious Disease, Public Health, Microbiology
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Christopher Seabury

Countries of InterestPeru
Professional Areas of InterestGenomics, Genetics, Infectious Disease
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Bradley Simon

Countries of InterestCanada, Saint Kitts And Nevis
Professional Areas of InterestPharmacology, Anesthesia
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Jone Stanley

Countries of InterestIndia, Singapore
Professional Areas of InterestToxicology, Reproductive Biology, Oncology
Administrative ExperienceCorresponding Secretary-Texas A&M University Postdoctoral Association (2016-2017); Committee member - CVM PDA Association (2013-2014) Texas A&M University, USA ; General Secretary, (2007-2009) Student welfare Association, PG Men’s Hostel of University of Madras, India ; Member-Editorial board, (2012-till date) Journal of Applied Pharmaceutical Science, India ; Member-Editorial board, (2012-till date) CIBTech Journal of Zoology, India ; Member-Editorial board, Member-Editorial board, (2011-till date) American Journal of Medicine and Medical Sciences, USA ; Member-Editorial board, (2011-till date) Cancer and Clinical Oncology, Canada; Reviewer, (2016-till date) Biology of Reproduction; Reviewer, (2016-till date) Toxicological Sciences; Reviewer, (2016-till date) Reviewer, Archives of Toxicology; Reviewer, (2016-till date) Cell Journal; Reviewer, (2016-till date) Reproductive Biology; (2016-till date) Reproductive Toxicology;(2016-till date) International Journal of Molecular Sciences;(2015-till date) Environmental Toxicology and Pharmacology, Elsevier publications, USA; Reviewer, (2015-till date)World Journal of Surgical Oncology, BioMed Central/Springer publications, USA; Reviewer, (2014-till date) Journal of Environmental & Analytical Toxicology, OMICS publications, USA ; Reviewer, (2014-till date) Natural Product Research, Taylor & Francis Journals, UK ; Reviewer, (2013-till date) Environmental Toxicology, Wiley Journals, USA ; Reviewing Editor, (2012-2013) Emirates Journal of Food and Agriculture, UAE; Reviewer, (2011-till date) Toxicology and Industrial Heath Journal, SAGE publication, UK ; Reviewer, (2010-till date) Human and Experimental Toxicology Journal, SAGE publication, USA:
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Jörg Steiner

Countries of InterestGermany, Japan, Thailand
Professional Areas of InterestMedicine
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George Stoica

Countries of InterestFrance, Germany, Italy, Romania
Professional Areas of InterestImmunology, Toxicology, Cell Biology, Genetics, Imaging, Oncology, Virology, Laboratory Animal Medicine
TeachingIsrael and Romania, Veterinary Schools
ActivitiesExchange of Scholars, seminar presentation and participation at international meetings and congresses. Reviewer for international journals and also peer reviewer for international “Spontaneous Tumor Program” – France.
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Ian Tizard

Countries of InterestCanada, Costa Rica, Peru
Professional Areas of InterestImmunology, Neuroscience, Genomics, Infectious Disease, Virology, Zoo, Exotic and Wildlife Medicine, Avian Medicine

Peru: The college has two formal agreements (Convenios) with the main Peruvian Veterinary Schools. Heredia Cayetana and San Marcos. Both commit us to collaborate in the area of avian research and conservation. There are multiple collaborative projects underway in Tambopata, in investigating the wild bird trade and in studying the epidemiology of selected avian diseases.

Argentina: The Schubot Center is supporting a project to determine causes of nestling mortality in the Patagonian subspecies of the peregrine falcon.

Canada: The Schubot Center is collaborating with scientists at the University of Guelph on the detection of avian bornavirus in arctic waterfowl.

Personal StatementAs a career immunologist, I have focused on applied immunology, especially on innovative methods of vaccination. Thus I am working on methods of intranasal and oral vaccination against many different diseases. My second major area of interest has been the field of emerging viruses and diseases of wild and exotic birds. Most recently we have focused on the unusual epidemiology and biology of avian bornavirus. Currently however I have come to recognize the critical importance of genomic sequencing and bioinformatics. My major current efforts are studies on the pathogenesis of, and immunity to avian bornaviruses. I have also had many productive collaborations on other vaccines, including influenza vaccines under development by KJ Biosciences. I am uniquely situated in the environment of a major College of Veterinary Medicine to assist this SBIR phase I-II project which involves the critical immunogenicity and protection studies in dogs. My role in this project is to provide assistance and oversight for these studies.
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Ramesh Vemulapalli

Countries of InterestAfghanistan, Brazil, Chile, India, Jordan, Mexico
Professional Areas of InterestImmunology, Infectious Disease, Microbiology, Biodefense
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Shannon Washburn

Countries of InterestItaly
Professional Areas of InterestFood Safety, Reproductive Biology, Genomics, Genetics, Science/Tech Journalism, Cardiology, Biodefense, Anesthesia

The Veterinary International Leadership Program (VILP) is a four year international studies program for students in the veterinary professional curriculum. VILP is an educational partnership between Texas A&M, Tufts, and the University of Padova. Each year, twenty veterinary students are selected for the program: 8 incoming vet students to TAMU, 4 incoming vet students to Tufts, and 8 first year vet students at the University of Padova. These students attend six week workshops each summer for the first three years of the program and then complete clinical assignments during the fourth summer. The schedule for these workshops is as follows: First Summer - Physiology Workshop in College Station, Second Summer - General Pathology Workshop in Padova, Third Summer - Public Health and Food Safety Workshop in Padova, and Fourth Summer - Clinical Assignments in College Station.

BIMS Study Abroad - Biomedical Science majors have the opportunity to take three courses while studying in Padova, Italy. Eight to ten undergraduates are selected for this 6 week study abroad program. Courses offered include: Biomedical Physiology I (VTPP 423), Pharmacology (VTPP 425), and Famous Italian Medical Scientists (VTPP 485). BIMS students will attend lectures (labs) with first year and second year veterinary students at the University of Padova. BIMS students will be required to return to Texas A&M University at the end of the six weeks and complete the final four weeks of the Biomedical Physiology I course.

ResearchDr. Shannon Washburn is part of an interdisciplinary team of researchers at Texas A&M University that recently received a $1.5 million grant to fund research on placental adaptation to maternal malnutrition. The grant was awarded by the National Institutes of Health’s Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health and Human Development and the United States Department of Agriculture’s National Institute of Food and Agriculture.
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Jeremy Wasser

Countries of InterestAustria, Germany, Netherlands
Professional Areas of InterestPhysiology, Education
TeachingProgram leader for multiple, faculty-led study abroad programs for TAMU undergraduates and veterinary students in the target countries. The undergraduate programs focus on the history of medicine (human and veterinary) as well as provide a study abroad platform for students to complete required coursework in BIMS, BMEN, and allied life science majors. The veterinary student study abroad program focuses broadly on veterinary medicine in Europe (training, practice, the animal health industry, transnational regulatory and animal health issues in the EU).
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C. Jane Welsh

Countries of InterestArgentina, France, Germany, United Kingdom
Professional Areas of InterestImmunology, Neuroscience, Cell Biology, Genetics, Infectious Disease, Neurology, Microbiology, Virology
ResearchMechanisms of disease pathogenesis of neurotropic viruses. Immunological therapies for multiple sclerosis and epilepsy. Neuroimmunological changes in the injured CNS
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Dominique Wiener

Countries of InterestSwitzerland
Professional Areas of InterestDermatology, Anatomic Pathology
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James Womack

Countries of InterestBrazil, Republic of Korea
Professional Areas of InterestGenomics, Genetics, Infectious Disease, Biodefense
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Michelle Yeoman

Countries of InterestThailand
Professional Areas of InterestScience/Tech Journalism
ProfileI'm very busy these days doing what I love: teaching, writing, and learning. I currently lecture at Texas A&M University, where I help pre-med students improve their writing and revising skills. I'm also a graduate student in cultural medical anthropology, also here at Texas A&M. My research goals are to understand how narrative and storytelling can serve as a cultural bridge to advance Global One Health initiatives. My next major adventure is creating a writing-intensive study abroad course in Thailand, to be offered in summer 2018. The working course title is "Case Studies in Global One Health." Students will learn about Thai culture and public health, work with elephants and other exotic species, and rescue sea turtles at a sanctuary.
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Guan Zhu

Countries of InterestChina, Mexico
Professional Areas of InterestGenomics, Infectious Disease, Parasitology, Microbiology, Biodefense
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