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International Programs Student Trip Reports
In keeping with Texas A&M’s Vision 2020 objective of graduating students with a global perspective based on global experiences, the College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences provides a limited number of travel stipends to students to help them gain international work/study experiences. The following travel reports give an overview of what our students learned while living, working, and studying abroad.

China - David Wallace

Thanks to the CVMBS International Programs travel stipend I was able to travel to Beijing, China from May 14th to the 27th to attend the hands-on laboratory portion of an acupuncture course put on by the Chi Institute.  Prior to the course, however, there was an optional Pre-Class Tour for 4 days where a tour guide took everyone to all the major tourist attractions around Beijing for a cultural experience. Over the four days of the tour, we saw the major attractions in Beijing such as the Summer Palace, the Temple of Heaven, the Great Wall of China, the Forbidden City, the Lama Temple, and Tiananmen Square.  In addition, we got to see part of the culture of China when we went to a Kung-Fu show, a Traditional Tea House, the cloisonné factory, and a few of the shop streets, such as Guangzhou, the Silk Market, and the Pearl Market.  Everywhere we went, our tour guide would give us a little of the history of the attraction we saw... (Read More)

South Africa - Laura Warren

Since starting veterinary school, I have had the opportunity to learn about veterinary practices and food safety and public health in Italy; I have also had the opportunity to visit the foreign animal disease laboratory at Plum Island. As part of the 4th year veterinary curriculum, students are allotted a few blocks out of the year for “externships”. With this time, myself and another 4th year student, Taylor Pursell, decided to visit the Animal Research Council’s Onderstepoort Veterinary Institute (ARC-OVI) and Transboundary Animal Disease Laboratory in Onderstepoort, South Africa. Since the beginning of my veterinary career, I have had an interest in international work and foreign animal diseases. When we arrived in Johannesburg, South Africa we were greeted by 2 very friendly and helpful employees of the ARC-OVI, Prince who works for the transportation department and Ernest who does research in the rabies department. We stayed at a guesthous... (Read More)

South Africa - Taylor Pursell

Ondonsterpoort Animal Research Center Externship The staff of Ondonsterpoort Veterinary Institute were wonderful hosts and provided us with a diverse and comprehensive view of diagnosis and management of disease. They also provided us housing on the beautiful campus! We spent the first week with in the Tuberculosis Lab. The lab functions mainly as a diagnostic laboratory for South Africa as well as many other neighboring African countries; they preform post mortem tests as well as screening tests for movement of animals especially Cape Buffalo. In addition to standard culture with microscopic identification, they preform PCR in order to identify the species of TB isolated (M. bovis, M. tuberculosis, M. bovis BCG, M. microti, M. canettii, M. pinnipedi, M. africum, M. caprae, M. mungi, and M. sucricattae). They start with a screening PCR for the most common isolate M. bovis and then have three other PCR tests to differentiate the others. Th... (Read More)

Honduras – Sephra Zinsmeister

Tired, dusty, sweaty, humbled, but filled with a fresh appreciation for the gift of my veterinary education at Texas A&M University summarizes how I felt each dayriding back to Rancho El Paraiso after a workday in the Agalta Valley in Honduras. This past spring break, I had the unique opportunity to travel to Honduras with a team of Christian veterinarians, veterinary technicians, and veterinary students gathered from all walks of life and from all over the country to provide basic, but incredibly needed, veterinary services to the people of Honduras. Our trip was a unique partnership with Christian Veterinary Mission and Honduras Outreach International (HOI), an organization dedicated to strengthening Honduras by encouraging local enterprise and economy, to provide veterinary services to villages in the Agalta Valley of Honduras that do not have access to any sort of veterinary care. Each day on the ranch, our team would rise early t... (Read More)

Guangzhou, China — Anna Deberardinis

(Read More)

Barcelona, Spain – Equine Veterinary Medicine – by David Wallace

Thanks to the CVMBS International Programs travel stipend I was able to travel to Barcelona, Spain from June 4th through July 16th and work with veterinarians at EquiHealth Veterinary Services.  While in Spain, I had the privilege to work with a wide range of clientele and helped to treat horses across many different disciplines.  Each morning, I met one of the 5 veterinarians at the Real Polo Club of Barcelona where we treated horses from very wealthy clients who stable their horses at the club for training in Jumping and Polo disciplines.  We would do morning treatments on any horses we had seen over the previous weeks and be available for any lameness checks or other requests before leaving to travel around for the farm calls. Once we left the Polo Club, we would go to different places depending on the day and what appointments the veterinarian had booked.  Because it is very expensive to travel around Barcelona due... (Read More)

Taiwan – Acupuncture by Sihang (Cathay) Wu

Early this summer, I was able to visit Taiwan and follow one of the most famous veterinary acupuncturists in the nation, Dr. Liu from National Taiwan University’sVeterinary Hospital, resulting in an experience that I wouldn’t be able to find anywhere else. Going into the externship, I really wasn't sure I believed in acupuncture. However, now I see that it is comparable to other medical treatments where nothing is 100% certain and there is a limitation to what acupuncture can do. But in some circumstances, acupuncture can be the best option. Even after my first day, I was quite skeptical, but on the second day, a client came in with her paraplegic dog and after 15 minutes of acupuncture, the patient was able to stand on his own and hobble a little! I was really surprised. Of course, Dr. Liu explained that acupuncture was a long term treatment and they would be back twice a week for a few months at least. He also showed me some videos of past ... (Read More)

Italy – An Eye Opening Externship Experience

Written by Alex Hunter “The purpose of life is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience.” – Eleanor Roosevelt Italian music is humming in the background. I am peering through an operating microscope while seated next to an Italian ophthalmologist, both of us donning our blue ensemble of surgical caps, masks, gloves, and gowns. Through the microscope, I watch layers of cornea being excised to repair the corneal sequestrum in the feline patient anesthetized on the surgery table. My hand moves confidently as I reach for instruments on the tray, anticipating which will be needed next for the subsequent step of the procedure. The world became still and the Italian music seemed to fade as I realized, “This is it. I made it. I am living my dream.” Less than a month away from graduating vet school, I was completing an externship with an Italian ophthalmologist. Not unlike... (Read More)

Nicaragua - Jessica Xu

I spent my spring break in Nicaragua with the World Vets International Veterinary Medicine (IVM) program. World Vets is an international organization that provides free veterinary care to communities that lack adequate financial or veterinary resources. The group that I worked with consisted of a lead Canadian field service veterinarian, several Nicaraguan and American veterinarians, veterinary students from both Nicaragua and the several schools in the United States, and Canadian and Nicaraguan veterinary technicians, and pre-veterinary students from several schools in the United States. We split our time between mostly spay/neuter surgeries at the Latin America Veterinary Training Center in Granada, and an outreach day at a local rural village. During our surgery days, we worked on animals from the surrounding communities that had been brought in the day before. The pre-vet students and vet techs took care of the pre-medication, induction, a... (Read More)

New Zealand and Australia - Meagan Wheeless

“Travel is not reward for working. It is education for living.” –The Travel Channel My wanderlust is an intense urge for self-development through experiencing the unknown, confronting unforeseen challenges, forming relationships all over the world, and getting to know unfamiliar cultures and ways of life. Without travel, a part of my soul is missing.  And without travel so many learning opportunities remain uncultivated.  The opportunity to travel AND practice veterinary medicine is a dream come true. When I began thinking about where I wanted to do an externship I considered countries that I would like to potentially move to upon graduation.  I wanted a place that is not unbearably cold; a place where people simply work to live rather than live to work; somewhere that places high value on personal well being, and a place with endless nature to explore and photograph.  At the top of my list were New Zealand and Austral... (Read More)