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Recent and ongoing research projects:

  • Epidemiology and ecology of environmentally transmitted pathogens (e.g., Escherichia coli, Salmonella and Vibrio cholerae)
  • Ecology of avian influenza viruses in wild birds and poultry
  • Foodborne pathogens in produce: the multifactorial effect of management, environment and weather
  • Epidemiology of Canine Valley Fever in TX
  • Epidemiology of Lyme disease in TX


External funding:

Texas Dept. of Agriculture - SCFB-09-25 - Produce Safety in Texas: A Systems Approach (GAPs Curriculum Development, Web site, Trainings, and Conference), 2009-2010.
Role: contributing author with compensation of $8,000
With J. Masabni (PI) and J. Anciso (PI)
Total Award Amt: $256,500.

NSF - EF-0913367 - Ecology of Infectious Diseases, 07/2009-06/2013:
“Collaborative research: Transmissibility of infections caused by intermittently shed pathogens capable of environmental persistence. Relating theory and empirical data”.
Role: PI
With D. Dopfer (co-PI) and C. Kaspar (collaborator)
Funded under the American Recovery & Reinvestment Act of 2009.
Total budget: $1.4 million.

USDA-NIFA-AFRI–2010-65207-20616- Food Safety & Epidemiology, 02/2010-02/2014:
“Integrating national resource information and food system signals to identify novel methods for control of microbial contamination in spinach”.
Role: PI
With K. Nightingale (co-PI) and J. Anciso (collaborator)
Budget: $299,874.


Intramural funding:

US Dept. of Homeland Security-FAZD Center New & Emerging Issues, 02/2010–03/2011:
"Effect of meteorological and environmental factors on the probability of avian influenza viruses carriage by wild birds"
Role: invited PI
With B. Lupiani (invited PI)
Budget: $86,777.

Texas AgriLife/TVMDL Seed grant, 09/2011-08/2013:
“Improving diagnostic methods for Lyme disease, and epidemiology of human and animal infections in TX”.
Role: collaborator
With B. Lupiani (PI), M.D. Esteve-Gassent (co-PI) and B. Szonyi (co-PI)
Budget: $110,000.

USDA - Formula Animal Health Fund, 01/2014-09/2016
“Drinking Water Management to Reduce E.coli O157:H7 Shedding in Finishing Cattle: Intervention Trial”
Role: PI
With P. Pinedo (co-PI) and S. Lawhon (co-PI)
Budget: $39,998.

Other funding:

Cochran Fellowship Program. Animal Disease Surveillance: Tunisia. 05/2014-09/2014.
Role: Co-Investigator
With Borlaug Institute/FAZD Center/CVMBS
Budget: $43,252

NSF - National Institute for Mathematical & Biological Sciences (NIMBioS) 2015-2017
“Fresh produce food safety at the interface between mathematical modeling and empirical data”
Role: one of the four PIs
With L. Bourouiba, D. Munther, J. Wu
Budget: direct travel and meeting support for 13 working group participants